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ctl254: Kontekstittomat jäsennysmenetelmät - kevät 2005


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Textbooks and Resources

  • Course page of the spring 2004 Context Free Parsing Methods course.
  • Natural Language Processing in Prolog by Gerald Gazdar and Chris Mellish (1989)
  • Syntactic Theory: A Formal Introduction by Ivan Sag and Thomas Wasow (1999) - see CYK215 course materials folder and Instructor's Manual
  • Natural Language Understanding by James Allen (1995)
  • Speech and Language Processing by Daniel Jurafsky and James H. Martin. Prentice-Hall, 2000.

1. CFGs and DCGs. Top-down and bottom-up parsing. Theories of grammar. Extending DCGs.

2. English phrase structures. Well-formed substring tables and chart parsing.

3. Subcategorization and heads. Compositional Semantics.

4. More on features and representing semantics in HPSG. Efficient and robust parsing.

5. Implementing feature structures, typed feature structures and ProFIT

6. Parsing Feature Structures and ProFIT

7. Auxiliary Verbs and ProFIT