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Luonnollisen kielen generointi (Natural Language Generation), ctl310gen, 2004 syksy


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Ehud Reiter & Robert Dale,
Building Natural Language Generation Systems,
Cambridge University Press, 2000.
Contents and Chapter 1 (Introduction)

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Course Topics

1. Introduction. NLG Tasks.

2. Getting XML Content. Java XML binding.

3. NLG Architectures. Deep vs. shallow generation.

4. Template-based Generation.

5. Text Planning.

6. XML-based Generation.

7. Microplanning: Lexicalization.

8. Microplanning: Aggregation.

9. Microplanning: Referring Expressions.

10. Microplanning overview.

11. Surface realization overview.

12. Systemic Functional Grammar (SFG). KPML and RealPro.

13. Spoken dialogue systems.

14. Practical NLG system demos. Conclusion.

  • Lecture notes
    • CoGenTex: Exemplars system and demo (Digital camera shopping wizard)
    • DFKI: TG/2 system and demo (Air quality reports in multiple languages)
    • Aberdeen: STOP system and demo (Personalized letters about stopping smoking)
  • Assignment 6: Essay.

Note on assignment deadlines

  • For full marks, you must submit each assignment by its deadline shown in the calendar.
  • For lower marks, however, I will accept late submissions up to Thursday 16.12.2004.

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