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This is the reading material for the practical part of the computational linguistics course. The course owes much in structure to the computational linguistics course at the Centre for Cognitive Science at the University of Edinburgh, and the material is based on handouts by Pete Whitelock and owes a lot to Pereira and Shieber (1987). It has mutated slowly in the hands of Robert Dale and now of me. My main contribution, or rather my ongoing project, is to turn this material into a suitable first course in computational linguistics for undergraduates, in particular for those with little or no experience of using computers.

The document concentrates on the practical aspects of computational linguistics, using Prolog for the implementation. As for a theoretical introduction to the subject, there are several suitable texts, which are listed in the section Readings in Theoretical Linguistics (not yet put in).

This is by no means a finished document. Comments and constructive criticism are very welcome.

Bangor the 7/6, Ana von Klopp


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