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A Practical Introduction to Prolog and Computational Linguistics


  • Introduction
  • Main Text

  • Introduction to Programming
  • The Basics of Prolog: Logic and Control
  • The Basics of Prolog: Unification and Recursion
  • The Basics of Prolog: List Processing
  • The Basics of Prolog: The Box Model of Control and the Cut
  • Simple Computational Morphology
  • Context Free Grammars And How To Implement Them In Prolog
  • Difference Lists and Definite Clause Grammars
  • Extending DCGs: Agreement
  • Introduction to Parsing
  • Subcategorisation
  • Escape to Prolog in DCGs and Using Univ
  • Input, Output and Control Features
  • More About Prolog
  • Unbounded Dependencies
  • Bottom Up Parsing in Prolog
  • Appendix

  • Running Prolog Under Emacs
  • Tracing and Debugging Programs
  • What to Do When You Have Called a Left-recursive Clause
  • Notes on Programming Style
  • Common Errors
  • Manuals

  • <a.von.klopp@bangor.ac.uk>