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KIT Ctl220, 2003s:
Ohjelmoinnin perusteet kieliteknologeille (Introduction to Programming)



  • Knowledge of Unix (equivalent to Ctl130)
  • Knowledge of Emacs (equivalent to Chapters 1-5 of Cameron, Rosenblatt & Raymond,
    Learning GNU Emacs, O'Reilly, 1996)
  • No previous knowledge of programming is required.
    The course is suitable for language students who do not have a computer science background.


  • This hands-on course provides an introduction to computer programming for students with no previous programming experience. Students learn basic programming concepts (data types, control structures, input/output, program design) and gain experience of writing and testing their own programs in a series of practical assignments.
  • The practical work in the course uses the Perl programming language, but specific details of Perl are not emphasised. The aim is rather to learn good programming habits which will be helpful to the student, whatever specific programming language they may use in the future.

Kurssin sisältö:

  • Variables and Assignment (Sequence)
  • Conditions and Statement Blocks (Selection)
  • Arrays and Loops (Iteration)
  • Functions and Parameters (Subprograms)
  • Files and Input/Output
  • Strings and Regular Expressions
  • Trees and Stacks (Recursion)


  • Several books have been published about programming with Perl and about learning Perl, but the authors assume you already have some experience of programming. As these books can be quite confusing, I suggest that you postpone reading them until after you have finished the course.
  • A book that I do recommend is Elements of Programming with Perl by Andrew Johnson (Manning, 2000). This is a good introduction to programming, written for people learning Perl as their first programming language.
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2 ov
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Graham Wilcock. Kurssikieli englanti.
The course consists of lectures, practical lab sessions, and a series of short programming assignments. The course can be passed just by doing the assignments.
Paikka ja aika:
sl ti 14-16 S20A laitoksen unix-luokka, 16.09. - 09.12. (21.10. ei luentoa)
Kurssille ilmoittaudutaan täyttämällä ja lähettämällä tämä web-lomake.
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