Structured Document Fundamentals
CTL230 (3 credits)
Autumn 2002

Course Syllabus

This hands-on course teaches the fundamental concepts of structured documents from the perspective of language technology. First, students gain practical experience of structured documents, using LaTeX to create printed texts and using HTML to create web pages. Next, students learn how to define flexible, reusable data with XML, and gain hands-on experience of XML-based techniques for processing structured documents (e.g. automatic XML-to-HTML transformations). Finally, the course reviews the basic ideas of new XML developments (e.g. Scalable Vector Graphics) and information services (e.g. WAP and VoiceXML).

The course is taught in English. The course consists of lectures and practical lab sessions.


Knowledge of programming (e.g. Ctl220) is helpful, but is not a prerequisite.
The course is suitable for language students who do not have a computer science background.

Course arrangements

Time: Thursdays 14-16, 19.09.02 - 12.12.02. No class 31.10.02.
Place: Unix lab, Siltavuorenpenger 20A.

Course contents

Graham Wilcock
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