University of Helsinki, Department of General Linguistics, Publications No. 36
ISBN 952-10-2269-8


Fred Karlsson (ed.)

Proceedings of the 20th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics, Helsinki, January 7-9, 2004

  • Fred Karlsson, Preface
  • Elisabet Engdahl, Maia AndrÚasson, and Kersti B÷rjars, Word order in the Swedish midfield - an OT approach
  • Thorstein Fretheim and Ildikˇ Vaskˇ, Norwegian riktignok and Hungarian jˇllehet: A contrastive pragmatic analysis of two concessive connectives
  • Mayumi Hosono, On phonological feature assignment
  • Arvi Hurskainen, Computational testing of five Swahili dictionaries
  • Torodd Kinn, Stribevis af eksperter, dr°ssevis av sjansar, hinkvis med kaffe: An emerging plural of abundance in the Scandinavian languages
  • Alexander V. Kravchenko, A new cognitive framework for Russian aspect
  • Albert Oosterhof, Generic noun phrases in Dutch
  • Lilja Ovrelid, Disambiguation of syntactic functions in Norwegian: modeling variation in word order interpretations conditioned by animacy and definiteness
  • Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen, Sphere semantics for aspect
  • Patricia Poussa, The futhark and the fur trade: on the adaptation of an alphabet by its users
  • Jouni Rostila, Lexicalization as a way to grammaticalization
  • Bj÷rn Rothstein, Where anteriority is located in the German and Swedish present perfect
  • Anders S°gaard, K-structure - (a prerequisite for) an Interlingua
  • Junichi Toyota, Old English as a language with active alignment: evidence from word order