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This page enables you to search language technology information among the Nordic Language Technology Documentation Centres in each of the five Nordic countries. Information about people, organizations, companies, projects, products, materials and research systems have been marked in their metadata with fixed English keywords. The set of keywords has been adopted from the LT-World project and it originates from the book "Survey of the State of the Art in Human Language Technology" edited by Cole et al., 1997. You may access sections of the book at the LT-World site technology part as an explanation to each keyword.

The keywords have been translated to the main languages of the Nordic countries and there is a separate page for each of these: Danish, Icelandic, English, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish.

Below, you find the major and minor classes of this keyword taxonomy. The minor keywords will become visible by clicking the button in front of the major keyword. You may select one or more minor and major keywords and then submit a query to the SiteSeeker search engine. You will get all hits pointing to various kinds of information. If you wish to narrow down the search, you may refine the search according to the mechanisms of SiteSeeker. You may e.g. select the class of items you want, such as products or people.