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[Langnet-kaikki] Call for Papers: 24th Scandinavian Conf. Linguistics, Aug. 25-27, 2010 Joensuu

Dear Recipient(s),

Attached please find the first call for papers of the 24th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics (24SCL), to be held in Joensuu on August 24 - 27, 2010.

Apologising for multiple postings,

Jussi Niemi
Chair, Local Organizing Committee, 24SCL

Jussi Niemi, PhD
Professor, Linguistics, University of Joensuu, POB 111 (Yliopistokatu 4), FIN-80101 Joensuu, Finland
Phones: +358-13-251 4306 (office), +358-13-251 3198 (Linguistics Lab), +358-50-3034337 (mobile)
Fax:    +358-13-251 4211
jussi dot niemi at joensuu dot fi, http://cc.joensuu.fi/linguistics

The 24th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics, August 25-27, 2010, Joensuu
Nordic Association of Linguists (NAL)
European Masters Programme in Clinical Linguistics (EMCL)
Studies in Languages, U. Joensuu; Recent Titles:
        Vol. 43: Alexandre Nikolaev & Jussi Niemi (2008, eds.). Two or More Languages: Proceedings from the 9th Nordic Conference on Bilingualism.
                 (249 pp.).
        Vol. 44: John Niemi & Stefan Werner (2008, eds.). NorClinLing 2008: Proceedings from the First Nordic Conference of Clinical Linguistics.
                 (121 pp.).
        Vol. 45: Paul Austin (2009). The Karelian Phoenix. (121 pp.).
        --- Publication Sales: joepub at joensuu dot fi

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