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NODALI: Postdoctoral Candidate Search: Reykjavik University

                                                    --  NODALI --

The School of Computer Science at Reykjavik University
(http://www2.hr.is/?PageID=4030) in Reykjavik, Iceland, seeks
applicants, in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP), for
Postdoctoral Grants from The Icelandic Research Fund (IRF).

The application deadline is October 1st, 2009 - see

Rules and guidelines can be found at:

According to the above web page:

"Postdoctoral Grants are intended for scientists who have completed
their PhD (doctoral degrees) in the past 5 years and wish to establish
themselves in scientific research in Iceland. The grants are allocated
for up to three years.

The level of Postdoctoral Grants for the grant year 2010 is ISK 4.44
million (ISK 370,000 per month) and they are exclusively intended to pay
the wages and wage-related expenses of the scientist. In addition, a
proposal can be made for up to ISK 500,000 for the operational expenses
of the project.

The postdoctoral scientist is permitted to apply for a project grant
during the second and third grant year. However, the IRF will not pay
any cost already covered by the Postdoctoral Grant.

The proposer for a Postdoctoral Grant must submit, along with his/her
proposal, a letter of support, on a specific form (Appendix E), from
his/her prospective host institution regarding wages, facilities, rights
and professional environment, the expected co-operation and other
relevant matters. The contribution of the host institute is taken into
account in the evaluation of the proposal and its stated support becomes
a part of the eventual grant agreement. The letter of support should be
signed by a legally authorised representative of the host institute.

A request by a grantee for transfer between institutions shall be
submitted to the IRF, the continuation of the grant being subject to its
approval. "

The current NLP research interest of the School of Computer Science at
Reykjavik University (which is a prospective host institution) is in the
field of BLARK (Basic LAnguage Resource Kit) development for minority or
less-resourced languages (like Icelandic, see http:// nlp.ru.is/) but
other projects may be applicable.

Interested individuals should contact:

Dr. Hrafn Loftsson
School of Computer Science
Reykjavik University
hrafn at ru dot is

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