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NODALI: SECOND CFP: Workshop on Extracting and Using Constructions in NLP

                          SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS
          Workshop on Extracting and Using Constructions in NLP
  		 Pre-conference workshop NODALIDA 2009
                    Thursday, May 14, Odense, Denmark

A construction is a recurring, or otherwise noteworthy congregation of
linguistic entities. Examples include collocations ("hermetically
sealed"), (idiomatic) expressions with fixed constituents ("kick the
bucket"), expressions with (semi-)optional constituents ("hungry as a
X"), and sequences of grammatical categories ([det][adj][noun]). As
can be seen by these examples, constructions are a diverse breed, and
what constitutes a linguistic construction is largely an open

Despite (or perhaps due to) the inherent vagues of the concept,
constructions enjoy increasing interest in both theoretical
linguistics and in natural language processing. A symptom of the
former is the Construction grammar framework, and a symptom of the
latter is the growing awareness of the impact of constructions on
different kinds of information access applications. Constructions are
an interesting phenomenon because they constitute a middleway in the
syntax-lexicon continuum, and because they show great potential in
tackling infamously difficult NLP tasks.

We encourage submissions in all areas of constructions-based research,
with special focus on:

* Theoretical discussions on the nature and place within linguistic
   theory of the concept of linguistic constructions.

* Methods and algorithms for identifying and extracting linguistic

* Uses and applications of linguistic constructions (information access,
   sentiment analysis, tools for language learning etc.).

Submission procedure:
Submission is now open at:
http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=construct09. Submissions
should not exceed 6 pages, and should use the EACL style files
available at http://www.eacl2009.gr/conference/authors. Reviewing will
not be blind, and authors will be given a chance to revise their
papers and discuss comments with the reviewers before final

Proceedings will be published as a SICS technical report.

Important dates:
Submission deadline: April 1
First review: April 15
Discussion period: April 15-April 22
Final papers due: May 1
Workshop: May 14

Location: Nodalida 2009 (http://beta.visl.sdu.dk/nodalida2009/), Odense,
Denmark. Workshop participants must register for the main conference. Please see the conference website for more information regarding fees and registration.

Magnus Sahlgren, SICS (mange at sics dot se)
Ola Knutsson, KTH (knutsson at csc dot kth dot se)

Program committee:
Benjamin Bergen, University of Hawaii
Stefan Evert, University of Osnabrück
Audur Hauksdóttir, University of Iceland
Emma Sköldberg, University of Gothenburg
Jan-Ola Östman, University of Helsinki