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NODALI: NODALIDA 2009 workshop call


NODALIDA 2009 workshop call:


WordNets and other Lexical Semantic Resources  

- between Lexical Semantics, Lexicography, Terminology and Formal Ontologies


Half-day workshop on May 14 at Nodalida 2009, Odense, Denmark

Submission deadline February 23, 2009

Nodalida Main Conference: May 15-16, 2009

Nodalida Website: http//beta.visl.sdu.dk/nodalida2009

Workshop website: http://cst.dk/nodalilexicalworkshop/nodalidaworkshop.htm 


 High-quality lexical semantic resources with sufficiently large vocabularies still prove to be the bottleneck not only in purely rule-based NLP applications but also in supervised corpus-based approaches. Princeton WordNet has been around for about two decades and is the first and largest lexical semantic resource built around the concept of synonym sets (synsets) and conceptual relations between them. All over the world new WordNet projects are constantly being initiated exploring new ways of constructing and enriching these resources, the Danish WordNet (DanNet), and the Norwegian WordNet (NorNett), being two Scandinavian examples of this (See also Global WordNet Association).

In parallel to this development of new lexical semantic resources, much effort is put into exploring how WordNets and formal ontologies can be made to work together in knowledge-based systems. The workshop intends to bring together researchers involved in building and integrating lexical semantic resources as well as researchers that are more theoretically interested in investigating the interplay between lexical semantics, lexicography, terminology and formal ontologies.

 Examples of topics to discuss:

·        Representation of lexical-semantic knowledge for computational use

·        The interplay between formal ontologies and lexical resources

·        Corpus-based approaches to lexical semantic resources

·        Terminology and lexical semantics: concept-based vs lexical semantic approaches

·        Monolingual vs. multilingual approaches to lexical-semantic resources and ontologies

·        Word-space models for building and expanding ontologies

·        Domain-specific classification: taxonomy and ontology – computational aspects

·        Quality assessment of lexical-semantic resources: criteria, methods

·        Computational use of lexical-semantic resources (information retrieval, semantic tagging of corpora, MT, etc.)

·        Traditional lexicography and NLP lexicons: re-use and differences

·        Cognitive aspects: computational lexical models as opposed to the ‘mental lexicon’




Extended abstracts of 3-5 pages should be submitted for review by the workshop organizers. Each presentation will be approx. 30 minutes long including discussion.

Submissions should follow the two-column format of EACL proceedings and must either be in LaTeX style files or Microsoft Word document template that is available from the NodaLida Conference website, courtesy of the Association of Computational Linguistics. Only PDF-files are accepted. Submissions should be submitted to Bolette Sandford Pedersen, bspedersen at hum.ku.dk.


·        Submission of extended abstract (3-5 pages): February 23, 2009

·        Notification of acceptance: March 26, 2009

·        Submission of camera-ready papers/revised extended abstract: April 13, 2009.



Bolette Sandford Pedersen, Senior Researcher, PhD in computational linguistics

Senior Researcher at Center for Sprogteknologi, University of Copenhagen

Project manager of DanNet. Board member of Global WordNet Association.

Anna Braasch, Senior Researcher in computational linguistics.

Senior Researcher Center for Sprogteknologi, University of Copenhagen.

Project manager of Sprogteknologisk Ordbase. Board member of Euralex. Editor of DanNet.

Ruth Vatvedt Fjeld, Professor at Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies, University of Oslo

Board member of Euralex and the editorial committee of LexicoNordica.

Project manager of lexical documentation of modern Norwegian bokmål.  Involved with the Norwegian NordNett.

Sanni Nimb, PhD in computational lexicography, Senior Editor at

Det Danske Sprog- og Litteraturselskab (Society for Danish Language and Literature).

Editor of DanNet and Ordnet (concerned with the online publishing of The Danish Dictionary).

Board member of Leksikografer i Danmark



To be confirmed.