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[ANN] REMINDER: Workshop on NLP for Reading and Writing at SLTC 2008, Stockholm 20-21 Nov 2008:Call for Abstracts


Workshop on NLP for Reading and Writing - resources, algorithms and tools
hosted at the SLTC conference, Stockholm 20-21 November 2008.


Deadline for submission of abstracts for this workshop is October 13 2008.

Topics of interest for the workshop:
  • NLP-techniques for linguistic aids and document handling such as spelling and grammar checking, document structuring, thematic segmentation, and information retrieval for the writer.
  • The role of NLP-tools for new communication channels such as web chat, blogs, e-mail, SMS.
  • Theories and methods that give better understanding for how language tools can be integrated in the use of language.
  • Support for multilingualism, minority languages and reading and writing disabilities.
  • Keystroke logging (e.g. ScriptLog, InputLog, JEdit, Trace-it) as a tool for understanding writing, text processing and language development.
  • Speech technology for the purpose of dictation and text flow understanding.
  • Studies that investigate the usage of language tools.
  • Interaction design of writing and reading environments.   

Sylvana Sofkova Hashemi (sylvana at ling.gu.se), Department of Linguistics, University of Gothenburg

Ola Knutsson (knutsson at csc.kth.se), School of Computer Science and Communication, KTH

Rickard Domeij (rickard.domeij at sprakradet.se), Language Council of Sweden, Institute of Language and Folklore

Sofie Johansson Kokkinakis (sofie at svenska.gu.se), Institute for Swedish as a Second Language, Språkbanken, Department of Swedish, Gothenburg University