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NODALI: NoDaLiDa 2009

                                                   --  NODALI --


We are pleased to announce that NODALIDA 2009, the 17th Nordic
Conference of Computational Linguistics, will take place 15-16
May 2009 in Odense, Denmark. The main conference will be preceded
by one day of workshops (and possibly other activities as well)
the 14 May.

More information as well as calls for submission will be sent out
soon, with a projected deadline for submissions
to the main conference track in January 2009.

Questions concerning the conference can be sent to nodalida2009 at visl dot sdu dot dk
The web site for the conference is at http://beta.visl.sdu.dk/nodalida2009/
We hope to see you all in Odense next year!

Kristiina Jokinen   Echard Bick
Program chair       Local chair

Eckhard Bick,
cand.med., dr.phil.
University of Southern Denmark
e-mail: eckhard dot bick at mail dot dk
web: http://beta.visl.sdu.dk

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