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[eu_members at aclweb dot org] Sweden: GoTAL - 6th International Conference on Natural Language Processing -- Call for Participation

                           CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                       6th International Conference on
                          Natural Language Processing

                              Gothenburg, Sweden
                               25-27 August 2008


           *** Early Registration Deadline: June 29, 2008 ***

GoTAL is an international conference on all aspects of computational
linguistics and natural language processing theory, methods and
applications. It is organized jointly by Chalmers University of
Technology and University of Gothenburg, as part of the activities of
the Centre for Language Technology (CLT).

Invited speakers:
# Monday 25/8 Johan Bos, La Sapienza, Roma: Formal Semantics in the Real World
# Tuesday 26/8 Lori Lamel, LIMSI, Paris: Speech Processing for Audio Indexing
# Wednesday 27/8 Joakim Nivre, Uppsala and Växjö University: Sorting Out Dependency Parsing

Oral paper presentations:
#  Ritesh Agarwal, Prabhakar T.V and Sugato Chakrabarty. "I Know What You Feel": Analyzing the Role of Conjunctions in Automatic Sentiment Analysis

# Motasem Alrahabi and Jean-Pierre Desclés. Automatic annotation of direct reported speech in Arabic and French, according to a semantic map of enunciative modalities

# Krasimir Angelov. Type-Theoretical Bulgarian Grammar

# Martín Ariel Domínguez and Gabriel Infante-Lopez. Searching for Part of Speech Tags that Improve Parsing Models

# Mohamed Attia, Mohsen Rashwan, Ahmed Ragheb, Mohamed Al-Badrashiny, Husein Al-Basoumy and Sherif Abdou. A Compact Arabic Lexical Semantics Language Resource Based on the Theory of Semantic Fields

# Danushka Bollegala, Taiki Honma, Yutaka Matsuo and Mitsuru Ishizuka. Automatically Extracting Personal Name Aliases from the Web

# Florian Boudin, Juan Manuel Torres-Moreno and Patricia Velazquez-Morales. An Efficient Statistical Approach for Automatic Organic Chemistry Summarization

# Hiram Calvo. Augmenting Word Space Models for Word Sense Discrimination using an Automatic Thesaurus

# Zdenek Ceska. Plagiarism Detection based on Singular Value Decomposition

# Mathieu Constant and Patrick Watrin. Networking Multiword Units

# Saint Dizier Patrick and Fontan Lionel. Analyzing Argumentative Structures in Procedural Texts

# Masood Ghayoomi and Ehsan Darrudi. A POS-based Word Prediction System for the Persian Language

# Jagadeesh Gorla, Anil Kumar Singh, Rajeev Sangal, Karthik Gali, Samar Husain and Sriram Venkatapathy. A Graph Based Method for Building Multilingual Weakly Supervised Dependency Parsers

# Rafael Guzman, Manuel Montes, Paolo Rosso and Luis Villaseñor-Pineda. A Web-based Self-training Approach for Authorship Attribution

# Johan Hall and Joakim Nivre. Parsing Discontinuous Phrase Structure with Grammatical Functions

# Thierry Hamon and Natalia Grabar. How can the term compositionality be useful for acquiring elementary semantic relations?

# Beth Ann Hockey, Manny Rayner and Gwen Christian. Training Statistical Language Models from Grammar-Generated Data: a Comparative Case-Study

# Anton Karl Ingason, Sigrun Helgadottir, Hrafn Loftsson and Eiríkur Rögnvaldsson. A Mixed Method Lemmatization Algorithm Using a Hierarchy of Linguistic Identities (HOLI)

# Vaclava Kettnerova, Marketa Lopatkova and Klara Hrstkova. Semantic Roles in Valency Lexicon of Czech Verbs: Verbs of Communication and Exchange

# Kimmo Kettunen. Automatic generation of frequent case forms of query keywords in text retrieval

# Lukasz Kobylinski and Adam Przepiórkowski. Definition Extraction with Balanced Random Forests

# Ioannis Korkontzelos, Ioannis Klapaftis and Suresh Manandhar. Reviewing and Evaluating Automatic Term Recognition Techniques

# S Lakshmana Pandian and T.V. Geetha. Tamil Question Classification using Morpheme Features

# Alexandre Labadié and Violaine Prince. Finding text boundaries and finding topic boundaries:\\ two different tasks ?

# Philippe Langlais, François Yvon and Pierre Zweigenbaum. Analogical Translation of Medical Words in Different Languages

# Tyne Liang and Dian-Song Wu. Improving Chinese Pronominal Anaphora Resolution by Extensive Feature Representation and Confidence Estimation

# Peter Ljunglöf and Staffan Larsson. A Grammar Formalism for Specifying ISU-based Dialogue Systems

# Raheleh Makki and Mohammad Mehdi Homayounpour. Word Sense Disambiguation of Farsi Homographs Using Thesaurus and Corpus

# Aurélien Max. Local rephrasing suggestions for supporting the work of writers

# Jens Nilsson and Joakim Nivre. Dependency Parsing by Transformation and Combination

# Yannick Parmentier and Wolfgang Maier. Using Constraints over Finite Sets of Integers for Range Concatenation Grammar Parsing

# Marco Pennacchiotti and Fabio Massimo Zanzotto. Natural Language Processing across time: an empirical investigation on Italian

# Daniel Pereira and Ivandre Paraboni. Statistical Surface Realisation of Portuguese Referring Expressions

# Maciej Piasecki, Stan Szpakowicz, Michal Marcinczuk and Bartosz Broda. Classification-based Filtering of Semantic Relatedness in Hypernymy Extraction

# Bruno Pouliquen and Ralf Steinberger. Similarity of names across scripts: Edit distance using learned costs of n-grams

# Hasim Sak, Tunga Gungor and Murat Saraclar. Turkish Language Resources: Morphological Parser, Morphological Disambiguator and Web Corpus

# Moisés Salvador Meza Moreno and Björn Bringert. Interactive Multilingual Web Pages with Grammatical Framework

# Emili Sapena, Lluis Padró and Jordi Turmo. A Graph Partitioning Approach to Entity Disambiguation Using Uncertain Information

# Khaled Shaalan and Hafsa Raza. Arabic Named Entity Recognition from Diverse Text Types

# Hyopil Shin and insik cho. A Noun-Predicate Bigram-based Similarity Measure for Lexical Relations

# Sara Stymne. German Compounds in Factored Statistical Machine Translation

# Nguyen Van Vinh, Thai Phuong Nguyen , Akira Shimazu and Nguyen Le Minh. A Reordering Model for Phrase-based Machine Translation

# Jessica Villing, Cecilia Holtelius, Staffan Larsson, Anders Lindström, Alexander Seward and Nina Åberg. Interruption, resumption and domain switching in in-vehicle dialogue

# Lilja Øvrelid. Finite Matters: Verbal features in data-driven parsing of Swedish

For details of the venue and further travel and registration information,
please visit the conference website.


Early registration and discount arrangements for hotels are guaranteed
until June 29, 2008.  Please follow the link from the conference web pages
for secure, on-line registration.

                  Welcome to Gothenburg