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Denmark: MT Summit XI Workshop on Patent Translation -- Call for Participation

Call for Participation

MT Summit XI Workshop on Patent Translation
September 11, 2007
Copenhagen, Denmark


Workshop Theme
Patent documents are one of the major application areas of machine
translation. The workshop aims to foster research and development of the
technology for patent translation by providing a forum in which
researchers and practitioners can exchange their ideas, approaches,
perspectives, and experiences from their work in progress.
Double submission of papers to both the workshop and the main conference
will also be welcomed.
The workshop will consist of 1-3 invited talk(s), presentation of
submitted papers, and one panel discussion.

Areas of Interest
Topics of interests include, but are not limited to:
- Analysis and classification for patent documents,
- MT and translation aids for patent documents,
- Contrastive studies for multilingual patent documents,
- Language resources for patent translation,
- Information extraction from patent documents,
- Evaluation techniques for patent translation,
- Multilingual patent classification and retrieval.

9:00- 9:15 Opening Remarks
9:15-10:30 Invited Talk (Chair: S. Yokoyama)
 WIPO's activities in patent translation and terminology
  Rachel Chrem (WIPO)
10:30-10:45 Coffee Break
10:45-12:30 Session I (Chair: S. Sheremetyeva)
 English-Korean Patent Translation System: From To-EK/PAT
  Oh-Woong Kwon, Sung-Kwon Choi, Ki-Young Lee, Yoo-Hyung Roh,
  Young-Gil Kim
 Phrase Alignment for Integration of SMT and RBMT Resources
  Akira Ushioda
 Rule Based Machine Translation Combined with Statistical Post Editor
 for Japanese to English Patent Translation
  Terumasa Ehara
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Talk by Users (Chair: T. Ehara)
 to be announced: by Wolfgang Taeger (EPO) and Takahiko Tohyama (JPO)
15:00-15:30 Coffee Break
15:30-17:00 Session II (Chair: A. Ushioda)
 Patent Documentation -- Comparison of Two MT Strategies
  Lene Offersgaard, Claus Povlsen
 Error Correcting System for Analysis of Japanese Patent Sentences
  Shoichi Yokoyama, Shigehiro Kennendai
 On Portability of Resources for Quick Ramp up of Multilingual MT
 for Patent Claims
  Svetlana Sheremetyeva
Wrap-up (Chair: )

Workshop Co-Chairs
Jun'ichi Tsujii  Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
Shoichi Yokoyama Yamagata Univ., Japan
Program Committee
Terumasa Ehara  Tokyo Univ. of Science, Suwa, Japan
Laurie Gerber  Language Weaver, Inc., USA
Chikara Hashimoto Yamagata Univ., Japan
Munpyo Hong  Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
Hiroyuki Kaji  Shizuoka Univ., Japan
Akira Kumano  Toshiba Corporation, Japan
Sadao Kurohashi  Kyoto Univ., Japan
Shinichiro Miyazawa   Shumei Univ., Japan
Hiroshi Nakagawa Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
Naoya Oku  Japan Patent Information Organization, Japan
Tadaaki Oshio  Japan Patent Information Organization, Japan
Birgit Pichat  Lingtech A/S, Denmark
Svetlana Sheremetyeva Lanaconsult, Denmark
Sayori Shimohata Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd., Japan
Eiichiro Sumita  ATR, Japan
Akira Ushioda  Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd., Japan
Takehito Utsuro  Univ. of Tsukuba, Japan