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Estonia: FRAME 2007, Building Frame Semantics Resources for Scandinavian and Baltic Languages -- Call for Participation

Apologies for cross-postings

                                    CALL FOR PARTICIPATION
                                                FRAME 2007
Building Frame Semantics Resources for Scandinavian and Baltic Languages
                                  Tartu, Estonia, May 24, 2007
                       Workshop colocated with NODALIDA 2007

Data annotated with role-semantic information are becoming an ever 
more important resource for many semantic systems. They form the core 
element to develop large coverage, high-performance, and reusable 
semantic parsers, classifiers as well as applications that include 
lexicography, term and information extraction, semantic processing of 
the web, text-to-scene conversion systems, etc.

The workshop will be a review of on-going research and results in the 
area. The detailed program is available from this web page: http://
nlp.cs.lth.se/frame2007/program.shtml. The workshop also intends to 
be a forum for the research community to review current initiatives 
and methods as well as ideas to start the construction of role 
annotated corpora and possibly share it across a family of related 

It  will take place in the NODALIDA 2007 conference and will include 
a round table where participants will have the opportunity to discuss 
and try to propose an agenda to build frame semantic resources for 
the Scandinavian and Baltic languages. Active participation and/or 
commitments from the presenters or the public to set up this agenda 
will be welcome.

To participate in the workshop, you have to register to the main 
conference: http://math.ut.ee/nodalida2007/registration.html and to 
pay the registration fee. Registration to the workshop is free. 
Simply send an e-mail to frame2007 at cs dot lth dot se.

The organizers,
Pierre Nugues, Lund University, Pierre dot Nugues at cs dot lth dot se
Richard Johansson, Lund University, Richard dot Johansson at cs dot lth dot se