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NODALI: Swedish Language Technology Conference 2006

                     SLTC 2006
           27/28 OCTOBER 2006 in GÖTEBORG


The first Swedish Language Technology Conference will take
place at the Wallenberg Centre in Göteborg on Friday-Saturday, the
27th and 28th of October, 2006. This conference will
hopefully be the first in a series of conferences to be organized in
Sweden in non-Nodalida years. At the conference, there will be two
invited speakers, eight (or more) presentations, and a parallel
workshop/demo/poster session.

Everyone involved in Language Technology in Sweden and in the Nordic
countries is strongly encouraged to attend and to contribute to the
conference! We especially welcome participants from outside academia. We
hope to see all of you there.

We invite submissions of extended abstracts (2-4 pages). Topics from all areas of language technology are welcome. Presentations about work-in-progress are encouraged. Submissions will be reviewed and commented. A publication of papers is not planned.

If you would like to give a presentation at this conference, you should send an extended abstract (a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 pages, for a presentation duration of 30 minutes including time for discussion) to
Martin Volk <volk at ling dot su dot se> by the 8th of September 2006.

Submitters will receive reviewer comments by the 13th of October, giving
them ample time to prepare their presentations.

If instead -- or in addition -- you have a workshop proposal or an idea
for a demo/poster, do not hesitate to submit it.

A workshop can range from just a few persons getting together to discuss
a common interest to organizing a larger panel discussion. A workshop
proposal (due 13 October 2006) should include:

* A workshop title
* An agenda specifying issues that will be in focus
* Names and e-mail addresses of organizers
* Any equipment needs and other requirements

Demos/posters are intended as an opportunity to share and discuss ideas.
We strongly encourage demos, as they tend to become more interactive. A
proposal (due 13 October 2006) should include:

* A poster/demo title
* A brief abstract of the demo/poster
* Name and e-mail address of presenter
* Any equipment needs and other requirements

Looking forward to seeing you all in Göteborg!

The organizing committee

Lars Borin <lars dot borin at svenska dot gu dot se>
Martin Volk <volk at ling dot su dot se>

Details in brief:

Conference dates: Fri 27 October 9.00 - Sat 28 October 16.00 (hours are
Submission deadline for regular presentations: 8 September 2006
Comments from reviewers due: 13 October 2006
Submission deadline for workshop proposals: 13 October 2006
Submission deadline for poster/demo proposals: 13 October 2006

All submissions to be sent to Martin Volk <volk at ling dot su dot se>

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