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Final CFP: AKRR'05 - Adaptive Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (fwd)

Pahoittelen spämmäystä, mutta juuri valmistui tämä final CFP eli lähetän
sen teille saman tien.


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Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 16:42:17 +0200
From: Timo Honkela <tho at james dot hut dot fi>
To: Krista Lagus <krista at james dot hut dot fi>, Timo Honkela <tho at james dot hut dot fi>
Subject: Final CFP: AKRR'05 - Adaptive Knowledge Representation and

                        Final Call for Papers

            International and Interdisciplinary Conference on

                    Espoo, Finland, 15-17 June 2005
                   Helsinki University of Technology


Conference Topic

AKRR'05 conference focuses on adaptive approaches of knowledge
representation and reasoning. The basic idea is to bring together
evidence from various disciplines including computer science,
experimental psychology, brain research and cognitive science.
Methodogical basis lies in probability theory, statistics, artificial
neural networks, dynamical systems theory and related disciplines.

Specific symposium and workshop topics in the conference are:

    * Knowledge Representation of Biological Information

      The KRBIO'05 symposium focuses on the representation of
      information in several areas of life sciences taking into
      account the complexity, dynamics and co-occurrence of the
      phenomena, and the heterogeneous sources of information.

    * Adaptive Models of Knowledge, Language and Cognition

      The AMKLC'05 symposium focuses on emergence, complexity and
      self-organization in cognitive and social systems: how knowledge
      is being created and established within human and
      computer-mediated networks and the role of language as an
      adaptive medium for knowledge building.

    * Emergent Models of Language for Speech Processing and
      Machine Translation

      In the EML'05 symposium, the use of emergent models
      in the area of language technology is explored.
      For example, we are interested in the discovery of models
      of syntatical structures and grammars, language models and
      their constituents, basic representational units such as
      morphemes and phonemes.

We invite novel high-quality papers that are related to the conference
themes including but not limited to:

    * contextuality in statistical analysis and reasoning
    * Bayesian models of learning and reasoning
    * dynamical systems models of knowledge
    * spatial representations of knowledge
    * analyses of the limitations of logic-based
      representations and reasoning

    * highly contextual reasoning based on very high-dimensional
    * statistical machine learning
    * pattern-based reasoning
    * unsupervised and reinforcement learning models for knowledge
      acquisition and representation
    * knowledge capture

    * continuous formal systems
    * emergent representations based on independent component analysis
      (ICA) and self-organizing maps (SOM)
    * emergence of symbolic representations
    * cognitive models of perceptually grounded reasoning processes
    * knowledge representation and reasoning in non-stationary

    * explicit and implicit knowledge
    * internal and external representations
    * models of temporal processes and reasoning
    * subjective and intersubjective representation of time
    * knowledge representation and reasoning in the brain

    * non-symbolic ontologies and adaptive knowledge representation
      for the web
    * adaptive, dynamical and probabilistic representations of social
      and societal structures and processes
    * adaptive knowledge representation of industrial processes
    * probabilistic and pattern-based reasoning on financial and
      economical phenomena
    * emergent and evolutionary representations for creative and
      design processes

Proceedings and Special Journal Issue

The conference papers will be published by Helsinki University of
Technology as printed proceedings and they will also be made available
through the web to ensure wide distribution.

In addition, the authors of the best papers will be invited to extend
their papers for journal publication(s) including a special issue of
the Internation Journal of Neural Systems.

Invited speakers

    * Prof. Jonathan Evans
      University of Plymouth

    * Dr. Aapo Hyvärinen
      University of Helsinki

    * Prof. Juha Karhunen
      Helsinki University of Technology

    * Dr. Gabriella Vigliocco
      University College London

Important dates

    * Paper submission due: 29 January 2005

      - Full papers, 6-8 pages
      - Posters, 4 pages
      - For details, please check:

    * Acceptance notification: 14 March 2005

    * Deadline for early registration: 21 March 2005

    * Camera-ready paper due: 8 April 2005

    * Workshops and tutorials: 14 June 2005

    * Symposia and conference: 15-17 June 2005


AKRR'05 conference will be held at Helsinki University of Technology, in
Espoo, Finland, 15 minutes by bus from central Helsinki and 30 minutes by
taxi from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. In addition to the conference
technical programme, several social activities are being planned to allow
attendees time for free-form discussions and opportunities to enjoy
the Finnish summer.


  * Programme committee chair

    - Prof. Timo Honkela
      Helsinki University of Technology

  * Programme committee

    - Esa Alhoniemi, University of Turku, Finland
    - Andrew Coward, Australian National University, Australia
    - Walter Daelemans, Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium
    - Stefan Frank, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    - Lee Giles, Pennsylvania State University, USA

    - Lars Kai Hansen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
    - Melanie Hilario, University of Geneva, Switzerland
    - Colin G. Johnson, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK
    - Vangelis Karkaletsis, N.C.S.R. Demokritos, Greece
    - Michael Klein, University of Stuttgart, Germany

    - Krista Lagus, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
    - Vuokko Lantz, Nokia Research Center, Finland
    - Haibo Li, Umeå University, Sweden
    - Bruce MacLennan, University of Tennessee, USA
    - Petri Myllymäki, University of Helsinki, Finland

    - Pavol Návrat, Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia
    - Guenter Neumann, German Research Center for Artificial
      Intelligence, Germany
    - Erkki Oja, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
    - Masoud Nikravesh, University of California, Berkeley, USA
    - Deb Roy, MIT Media Lab, USA

    - Pavel Smrz, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
    - Dimitrios Stamovlasis, Education Research Center, Greece
    - Peter Tino, University of Birmingham, UK
    - Stefan Wermter, University of Sunderland, UK
    - Ricardo Vigário, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

  * Organizing committee chair

    - Prof. Olli Simula
      Helsinki University of Technology

  * Organizing committee

    - Marjukka Ankkuriniemi, Incint Oy
    - Timo Honkela, Helsinki University of Technology
    - Tiina Lindh-Knuutila, Helsinki University of Technology
    - Matti Pöllä, Helsinki University of Technology
    - Petri Saarikko, Helsinki University of Technology