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[NTN]Ph.D. fellowship at the Copenhagen Business School

Dear NTN members,

The Department of Computational Linguistics at the Copenhagen Business
School is seeking applications for a Ph.D. position within a
treebank-based machine translation project. The position includes a
normal Danish salary. If you know any students who may be interested
in applying, please pass on this email to them. The SDMT project is
described in more detail at:


If the students have any questions about the application, they should
feel free to contact Sabine Kirchmeier-Andersen <ska dot id at cbs dot dk>. 


>    PhD Studentship in Statistical Machine Translation
>      PhD Studentship at the CBS Faculty of Languages, Communication and
>                     Cultural Studies Research Programme
>                        Closing date: 8 November 2004
>    The Faculty of Languages, Communication and Cultural Studies at the
>    Copenhagen Business School invites applications for an externally
>    funded PhD studentship under the Computational Linguistics Study
>    Programme to undertake research within statistical machine
>    translation.
>    The studentship is funded by a grant by the Danish Research Council
>    under the cross-institutional project Statistical Dependency-Based
>    Machine Translation. One of the aims of this project is to create a
>    Danish-English dependency-based treebank. This parallel treebank will
>    then be used in the development of statistical algorithms for machine
>    translation.
>    The proposed PhD project will be required to contribute to the
>    development and understanding of statistically based algorithms that
>    are applicable in machine translation.
>    The project proposal may (but is not required to) fall within the
>    following areas:
>      bilingual word alignment
>      transfer
>      generation
>      probabilistic monolingual dictionaries and/or transfer rules
>    The studentship will be awarded upon an assessment of project
>    proposals received. The assessment will include the quality of the
>    project and its relevance to the Faculty as well as the applicants
>    background and his or her chances of completing the project. The
>    student will be attached to the Department of Computational
>    Linguistics.
>    General conditions: 
>    At the time of application applicants must have a Masters degree in a
>    subject relevant to the research field outlined above.
>    Salary will be paid according to the Agreement of 3 April 2003 between
>    the Danish Ministry of Finance and The Danish Confederation of
>    Professional Associations. The studentship is a full-time position,
>    which means that students cannot expect to be able take on other paid
>    occupation.
>    The duration of the PhD programme is 3 years. Apart from working on
>    his or her thesis, the student will be required to do the following:
>      * teach and/or carry out other research dissemination to an extent
>        corresponding to approx. 6 months;
>      * participate in PhD courses corresponding to approx. 6 months;
>      * visit a research environment outside CBS, in Denmark or abroad,
>        for a period of 3-6 months.
>    The successful applicant will be enrolled as a PhD student in
>    conformity with the rules laid down in Ministerial Order No 114 of 8
>    March 2002 issued by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and
>    Development.
>    Applications for a PhD studentship must be submitted on a special
>    application form which is available on the PhD programme website:
>    [1]www.cbs.dk/stud_pro/phd_sprog/indskrivning/indskrivning_dk.shtml.
>    Applications received by any electronic means will not be considered.
>    For further details on the studentship, please contact Sabine
>    Kirchmeier-Andersen, Department Head, on tel: (+45) 3815 3123 or
>    e-mail: [2]ska dot id at cbs dot dk dot  For further information on the PhD research
>    programme, please contact the PhD Secretariat on tel: (+45) 3815 3274
>    or e-mail: [3]vr dot spfak at cbs dot dk dot 
>    See also the programme website: [4]www.cbs.dk/stud_pro/phd_sprog/.
>    Your application form with your Masters degree certificate, CV and
>    project proposal enclosed must be made out in triplicate, marked
>    '33-1831 - Application for PhD Studentship', and must reach the
>    addressee below not later than 8 November 2004 at 12 noon. Please note
>    that the project proposal should be no more than 5 pages long and must
>    include a relevant research question, description of methodology, list
>    of literature as well as time and work plans.
>    Please address applications to:
>    Copenhagen Business School
>    Faculty of Language, Communication and Culture
>    Dalgas Have 15, DK-2000 Frederiksberg
>    Att.: Vivi Rønne, The Deans Office
>    Copenhagen Business School has around 14,000 students and an annual
>    intake of around 1,000 exchange students. With this number of students
>    as well as around 400 full-time researchers and around 500
>    administrative employees, CBS is the 3rd largest business school in
>    Northern Europe. 
>    Deadline: 2004-11-08
> References
>    1. http://www.cbs.dk/stud_pro/phd_sprog/indskrivning/indskrivning_dk.shtml
>    2. mailto:ska dot id at cbs dot dk
>    3. mailto:vr dot spfak at cbs dot dk
>    4. http://www.cbs.dk/stud_pro/phd_sprog/

Matthias Trautner Kromann    Dept of Computational Linguistics
Email: mtk at id dot cbs dot dk         Copenhagen Business School
Web: www.id.cbs.dk/~mtk      Bernhard Bangs Allé 17B
Phone: (+45) 3815 3166       DK-2000 Frederiksberg C, DENMARK