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NODALI: PhD Course: Concept Analysis and Concept-Based Retrieval, May 10-13, 2004

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Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 01:14:44 +0100
From: Troels Andreasen <troels at ruc dot dk>
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Subject: PhD Course: Concept Analysis and Concept-Based Retrieval,
         May 10-13, 2004

PhD Course: Concept Analysis and Concept-Based Retrieval
May 10-13, 2004

Copenhagen Business School
Dalgas Have 15


The OntoQuery Project (http://www.ontoquery.dk
<http://www.ontoquery.dk/>) invites participants to submit applications
for participation in the international PhD Course on Concept Analysis
and Concept-based Retrieval held at Copenhagen Business School May 10 -
13, 2004. The course is intended for PhD students in Computer Science,
Computational Linguistics, and Terminology analysis. The course focusses
on methods for organizing unstructured information sources such as text

A description af the course can be found on the course home page:

Participation is free of charge.

Key themes to be addressed in the course are:

* Classification Methods: Formal Concept Analysis,
* The Structure of Lexicons, Thesauri, and Ontologies,
* Information Extraction from Text Corpora,
* Statistical Processing of Text for Information Retrieval

Course Lecturers:

* John Old (http://www.soc.napier.ac.uk/people/op/onepeople/peopleid/983369)
* Uta Priss (http://www.upriss.org.uk/home.html)
* Helge Dyvik (http://www.hf.uib.no/i/LiLi/SLF/Dyvik/Dyvik.html)
* Lars Kai Hansen (http://eivind.imm.dtu.dk/staff/lkhansen/lkhansen.html)

Kimmo Koskenniemi            professor of computational linguistics
DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL LINGUISTICS  kimmo.koskenniemi at helsinki.fi
P.O.Box 9 (Siltavuorenpenger 20 A, room 328) +358 9 191-29300 (phone)
FIN-00014 UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI, Finland    +358 9 191-29307 (fax)