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NLN: Argument structure related topics, May 24-28 in Tromsoe


From: Peter Svenonius <peter dot svenonius at hum dot uit dot no>

If you have already received this, I apologize for the cross-posting.

CASTL will be hosting two distinguished guests at the University of Tromsoe in the week of May 24-28, who will both hold multiple lectures:

Hana Filip, Stanford University, will be lecturing on Monday and Wednesday, 14.15-16.00 in E0105; the topics will be aspect, telicity, and the semantics of Slavic prefixes. More specifically:

 In one two-hour slot, I could summarize my view of the event
structure (English-Slavic comparative view, with the emphasis on the distinction between inner aspect/Aktionsart vs. outer aspect/grammatical aspect). The other two-hour slot could be devoted to prefixes exclusively: I'd summarize the results from my assorted papers, and do something more with it,

Hana Filip will also hold the Thursday evening colloquium at 19.00 (in E0101), speaking on "The semantic structure of prefixed verbs and their arguments"

Daniel Harbour, University of London, will be lecturing on Tuesday and Thursday, 14.15-16.00, also in E0105; the topic will be argument structure and morphology in Kiowa, a North American language of the Muskogean family. More specifically, the topics he expects to cover are:

1. general comments on the theory of argument
structure + role of morphologically rich languages in
such research
2. overview of Kiowa structure
3. agreement profiles and verb classes
4. functional categories and allomorphic sensitivity

All are welcome to attend. Organization of the event is informal, or perhaps even haphazard, and there are no fees, but visitors from outside Tromsoe are encouraged to indicate their intention to attend by sending me an e-mail message.

Peter Svenonius