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[eu_members at aclweb dot org] Explorations in Language and Space: Submission to an edited collection on "Spatial behavior and linguistic representation

Dear colleagues,

we are delighted to invite your submission to an edited collection on

"Spatial behavior and linguistic representation".

The book is designed to be published by Oxford University Press as part
of the successful series "Explorations in Language and Space" (series
editor: Emile van der Zee), see

Its aim is to provide a representative collection of recent progress in
understanding, analyzing, and modelling spatial behavior and associated
language, with a specific emphasis on interrelationships between, and
combinations of, interdisciplinary approaches and methods (see more
detailed description below).

*** Editors ***

Thora Tenbrink, University of Bremen, Germany
<tenbrink at uni-bremen dot de>

Jan Wiener, Bournemouth University, UK
<jwiener at bournemouth dot ac dot uk>

Christophe Claramunt, Naval Academy Research Institute, France
<christophe dot claramunt at ecole-navale dot fr>

*** Description ***

Research in the areas of spatial cognition and geographic information
science has undergone a rapid development within the past decades, as
reflected by steadily growing numbers of researchers addressing spatial
topics, national as well as transregional conferences and meetings, and
major research projects spanning a wide variety of related issues,
transcending disciplinary boundaries. Recent developments have now
highlighted a widespread substantial interest in establishing a reliable
basis for combining insights and representation models from various
sources. In particular, the existing manifold approaches to interpreting
spatial representations in language deserve to be systematically
combined with behavioral navigation data, associated cognitive processes
and strategies, and formal representation systems capturing cognitively
relevant categories and features of space. Substantial steps towards
this goal have been gained at the recent collaborative interdisciplinary
specialized workshop located at the HWK Hanse Institute for Advanced
Studies in Delmenhorst (Germany),
http://www.wayfinding.uni-bremen.de/workshop/ . Based on the invitation
of renowned experts in the various related fields, this workshop
triggered energetic discussion and a broad variety of inspirations for
future research desiderata. The aim of this book is to capture this
spirit and enhance progress in this direction.

We invite submissions of papers (ranging between 5.000 and 12.000 words)
to this collection which should either
- contribute centrally to any of the following 3 specific research areas
while elaborating findings in relation to the other two,
- or else deal directly with combinations of these:

I. Spatial behavior and cognitive strategies
II. Language as a representation of spatial thought
III. Representation and modelling frameworks

*** Timeline ***

Please send your intention to submit to Thora Tenbrink
<tenbrink at uni-bremen dot de> at your earliest convenience, with title and
allocation to one or more of the three topic areas (and, if possible,
the estimated length of your paper). As soon as we have a substantial
basis, we will send a book proposal to the OUP series editor, which will
speed up the publication process.

September 30, 2010     Deadline for full paper submissions

December 31, 2010      Notification of authors

February 15, 2011      Revised versions due

April 2011             Final decisions and submission to the series
editor for Oxford University Press (the complete book will be reviewed

later in 2011          Decision by Oxford University Press

So a probable publication date will be 2012.

Check out the book website at
for updated information. There's also a link there about formatting
guidelines. It is not required to conform to all standards in your
initial submission, but this might help avoid reformatting problems
later on.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Thora Tenbrink
Jan Wiener
Christophe Claramunt