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[eu_members at aclweb dot org] Emerging Applications of Natural Language Processing: Concepts and New Research -- Call for Chapter Proposals



Proposal Submission Deadline: May 31, 2010

Emerging Applications of Natural Language Processing:

Concepts and New Research

A book edited by

Dr. Sivaji Bandyopadhyay, Jadavpur University, India,

Dr. Sudip Kumar Naskar, Dublin City University, Ireland, and

Dr. Asif Ekbal, University of Heidelberg, Germany


To be published by IGI Global: http://igi-global.com/AuthorsEditors/AuthorEditorResources/CallForBookChapters/CallForChapterDetails.aspx?CallForContentId=3877830f-296d-4799-be28-62a8334707ce



It has been observed during several years of teaching and research and development on NLP, that some areas of NLP are slowly maturing themselves. These research topics have attracted huge interests, resulted in new workshops and evaluation tracks, and contributed significantly in terms of research publications in the recent NLP conferences and journals. But there are hardly any books collating related readings on such research topics, other than journal publications, workshop / conference proceedings and evaluation track notes.


Objective of the Book

The mission of this edited volume is firstly to identify the emerging research areas in NLP that are slowly maturing themselves and then to focus on them, ranging from fundamentals to research roadmaps.


Target Audience

This book will aim to provide relevant theoretical frameworks and the latest empirical research findings in the emerging areas of NLP. It is intended for established NLP researchers who want to improve their understanding of the state-of-the-art in NLP and broaden their research spheres, as well as information-hungry budding researchers who look for related information collated. The main beneficiary will be the postgraduate and doctoral students’ community who have just stepped into the world of NLP research and are looking for new research problems.


Recommended topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

·        Language Resources

·        Multi Word Expressions

·        Statistical Parsing

·        Sense Disambiguation

·        Natural Language Learning

·        Textual Entailment

·        Language Generation and Summarization

·        Machine Translation – Statistical Machine Translation

·        Machine Translation – Hybrid Machine Translation

·        Advanced Question Answering Systems

·        Multilingual Information Access

·        Temporal Analysis and Reasoning

·        Discourse and Dialogue

·        Sentiment Analysis

·        Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies

·        Biomedical NLP


Submission Procedure

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit on or before May 31, 2010, a 2-3 page chapter proposal clearly explaining the mission and concerns of his or her proposed chapter. Authors of accepted proposals will be notified by June 15, 2010 about the status of their proposals and sent chapter guidelines. Full chapters are expected to be submitted by September 15, 2010. All submitted chapters will be reviewed on a double-blind review basis. Contributors may also be requested to serve as reviewers for this project.



This book is scheduled to be published by IGI Global (formerly Idea Group Inc.), publisher of the “Information Science Reference” (formerly Idea Group Reference), “Medical Information Science Reference,” “Business Science Reference,” and “Engineering Science Reference” imprints. For additional information regarding the publisher, please visit www.igi-global.com. This publication is anticipated to be released in 2011.


Important Dates

May 31, 2010:                      Proposal Submission Deadline

June 15, 2010:                     Notification of Acceptance

September 15, 2010:         Full Chapter Submission

November 30, 2010:          Review Results Returned

January 15, 2011:   Final Chapter Submission

February 15, 2011: Final Deadline


Editorial Advisory Board Members:

Prof. Aravind Joshi, University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharyya, Indian Institute of Technology, India

Prof. Alexander Gelbukh, National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico

Prof. Anette Frank, University of Heidelberg, Germany

Dr. Patrick Saint-Dizier, IRIT – CNRS, France

Dr. Srinivas Bangalore, AT&T Research, USA

Dr. Haizhou Li, Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore

Dr. Hitoshi Isahara, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan

Dr. Gregory Grefenstette,  Exalead, France


Inquiries and submissions can be forwarded electronically (Word document) or by mail to:


Prof. Sivaji Bandyopadhyay

Computer Sc. & Engg. Department, Jadavpur University,

188 Raja S C Mallik Road, Jadavpur, Kolkata – 700032, India

Tel.: +91 33 24146648 • Fax: +91 33 24146648  • GSM: +91 9433579595

E-mail: sivaji_cse_ju at yahoo dot com, sbandyopadhyay at cse dot jdvu dot ac dot in