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[eu_members at aclweb dot org] Ireland: 6th International Natural Language Generation Conference (INLG 2010) -- Call for Participation


INLG 2010 -
6th International Natural Language Generation Conference
Trim, Ireland July 7-9.
(immediately after MOG 2010 at Dublin, Ireland and preceeding ACL 2010
at Uppsula, Sweden)

Online registration, venue and hotel information is available at:

We cordially invite all those with an interest in natural language
generation to participate in our upcoming conference.

INLG is the Biennial Meeting of the ACL Special Interest Group on
Natural Language Generation (SIGGEN). It has been previously held at
Columbus, Ohio in 2008, at Sydney, Australia in 2006, at Brockenhurst,
UK in 2004, in Harriman, NY, USA in 2002, and in Mitzpe Ramon, Israel
in 2000. Prior to 2000, INLGs were International Workshops, running every
other year since 1984. As the leading international conference on research
into natural language generation, INLG provides a forum for the discussion,
dissemination and archiving of research topics and results in the field.

* Program *

Keynote Speakers:
Prof. Susan Brennan,
Departments of Psychology and Computer Science S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook
University, US
Dr. Richard Power,
Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology at The Open University, UK

Generation Challenges:

Paper and Poster Sessions (a list of accepted papers and posters can be
found at the end of this notice, and also at

* Registration *


Registration is now open on the web site.  See
http://www.scss.tcd.ie/conferences/INLG2010/registration.html for details.
Note that INLG 2010's *all-inclusive* registration includes lodging (7
and 8 July), meals, coffee breaks, a copy of the proceedings,
admission to all sessions, the welcoming reception, and complimentary
coach service from Nassau Street at Dublin city center to Trim Castle
Hotel and back.

* Venue *

Trim Castle Hotel offers superb contemporary accommodation. Trim
Castle Hotel sits with quiet authority overlooking the mystical Trim
Castle and the adjoining rolling lawns of St. Patrick's Church -
filming locations for the Oscar Winning Film 'Braveheart'! The hotel
itself has 68 luxuriously appointed bedrooms, 2 fine restaurants, and
state of the art conference facilities making it ideal for
international visitors. The Tower Suite conference room in Trim Castle
Hotel offer full AV equipment, natural daylight and excellent view
over the majestic Trim Castle. More details can be found at

INLG 2010 is sponsored by
The Science Foundation Ireland (http://www.sfi.ie/)
The Centre for Next Generation Localisation (http://www.cngl.ie/)
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We look forward to seeing you in Ireland!

Ielka van der Sluis
Trinity College Dublin

John Kelleher
Dublin Institute of Technology

Brian Mac Namee
Dublin Institute of Technology

* List of Accepted Papers and Posters *

Accepted Papers

Anja Belz and Eric Kow
Comparing Rating Scales and Preference Judgements in Language Evaluation.

Seniz Demir, Sandra Carberry and Kathleen F. McCoy
A Discourse-Aware Graph-Based Content-Selection Framework.

Alexandre Denis
Generating Referring Expressions with Reference Domain Theory.

Nina Dethlefs and Heriberto Cuayahuitl
Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Text Generation.

David Elson and Kathleen McKeown
Tense and Aspect Assignment in Narrative Discourse.

Albert Gatt and Francois Portet
Textual properties and task-based evaluation: Investigating the role
of surface properties, structure and content.

Manuel Giuliani, Mary Ellen Foster, Amy Isard, Colin Matheson, Jon
Oberlander and Alois Knoll
Situated Reference in a Hybrid Human-Robot Interaction System.

Daniël de Kok.
Feature selection for fluency ranking.

Chris Mellish
Using Semantic Web Technology to Support NLG \\Case study: OWL finds RAGS.

Chris Mellish
Towards a Programmable Instrumented Generator.

Margaret Mitchell, Kees van Deemter and Ehud Reiter
Natural Reference to Objects in a Visual Domain.

Gabriel Murray, Giuseppe Carenini and Raymond Ng
Generating and Validating Abstracts of Meeting Conversations: a User Study.

Paul Piwek and Svetlana Stoyanchev
Harvesting Re-usable High-level Rules for Expository Dialogue Generation.

Yuan Ren, Kees van Deemter and Jeff Z. Pan
Charting the Potential of Description Logic for the Generation of
Referring Expressions.

Advaith Siddharthan
Complex lexico-syntactic reformulation of sentences using typed
dependency representations.

Philipp Spanger, Ryu Iida, Takenobu Tokunaga, Asuka Terai and Naoko Kuriyama
Towards an extrinsic evaluation of referring expressions in situated dialogs.

Accepted Posters

Anja Belz and Eric Kow
Extracting Parallel Fragments from Comparable Corpora for Data-to-text

Maximiliano Cristiá and Brian Plüss
Generating Natural Language Descriptions of Z Test Cases.

Dana Dannélls
Applying semantic frame theory to automate natural language template
generation of ontology statements.

David McDonald and Charlie Greenbacker.
‘If you’ve heard it, you can say it’ - Towards an Account of Expressibility.

Mariet Theune, Ruud Koolen and Emiel Krahmer
Cross-linguistic attribute selection for REG: Comparing Dutch and English.

Sandra Williams and Richard Power
Grouping axioms for more coherent ontology descriptions.

Sander Wubben, Antal van den Bosch and Emiel Krahmer
Paraphrase Generation as Monolingual Translation: Data and Evaluation.

Hendrik Zender, Christopher Koppermann, Fai Greeve and Geert-Jan Kruijff
Anchor-progression in spatially situated discourse.