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[eu_members at aclweb dot org] Virginia: Commonsense Knowledge (CSK 2010), an AAAI Fall 2010 Symposium -- CFP

                    Call for Paper Submissions

                                CSK 2010
                     Commonsense Knowledge


                    AAAI Fall 2010 Symposium
                              Arlington, VA

 Submission deadline: May 14, 2010 at 23:59 (PST)
When we are confronted with unexpected situations, we deal with them
by falling back on our general knowledge or making analogies to other
things we know. When software applications fail, on the other hand,
they often do so in brittle and unfriendly ways. The sheer amount of
commonsense knowledge one would need to represent makes it challenging
to acquire, to represent, to reason efficiently with, and to harness
in applications.

A growing number of research projects now seek to use knowledge
collections in a wide variety of applications, including computer
vision, speech processing, robotics, dialogue and text understanding,
and apply them to real-world tasks such as healthcare and finance,
where brittleness is unacceptable. At the same time, new application
domains are giving fresh insights into desiderata for common sense
reasoners and guidance for knowledge collection efforts.

Submission Information

We are looking for papers in areas normally associated with
commonsense, including but not limited to:  large knowledge bases,
knowledge acquisition, inference, formal models, and intelligent user

We are also looking for papers which appeal to a wide variety of
researchers beyond those usual areas, including but not limited to
story understanding and generation, lexical semantics, ontology, the
semantic web, dimensionality reduction, contexts, mental prostheses,
and games with a purpose. We are also interested in papers using
commonsense or commonsense techniques to better understand domain
specific data.


We invite submissions of full papers (up to 6 pages), short papers (2
pages), and system demos (up to 2 pages). Accepted papers (both long
and short) from the symposium will be published as an AAAI technical
report. These papers should be original material, though we welcome
system demos from previously established/published systems. Late
breaking ideas are encouraged to submit short papers.

Please use our online submission system by May 14th, midnight PST.

Catherine Havasi, MIT Media Lab
Doug Lenat, Cycorp
Bejamin Van Durme, Johns Hopkins University

Program Committee
James Allen, University of Rochester
Chitta Baral, Arizona State University
Johan Bos
Peter Clark, Boeing
Bill Dolan, Microsoft
Ken Forbus, Northwestern University
Andrew Gordon, The University of Southern California
Roxana Girju, University of Illinois at Chicago
Henry Kautz, University of Rochester
Maria Liakata, University of Wales
Henry Lieberman, MIT Media Lab
Dan Moldovan, The University of Texas, Dallas
Erik Mueller, IBM Research
Patrick Pantel, Yahoo!
Satoshi Sekine, NYU
Michael Witbrock, Cycorp
Alexander Yates, Temple University