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[eu_members at aclweb dot org] Sweden: at ACL 2010: SemEval-2010 Shared Task #14: Word Sense Induction -- Call for Participation

Apologies if you receive multiple postings of this CFP

            Call for Participation

            SemEval-2010 Shared Task #14: Word Sense Induction


The primary aim of this shared task is to allow comparison of
unsupervised word sense induction and disambiguation systems.


Despite recent progress in unsupervised word sense induction (WSI) much
remains to be done before unsupervised word sense induction systems
approach the quality of manually constructed thesauri such as WordNet.
The ultimate goal of WSI systems is fully automated thesaurus
construction from unannotated data.

Previous evaluations of WSI systems has been problematic as these were
too sensitive to sense granularity. In addition, past evaluations
allowed external resources such as use of web for additional data
collection making like-for-like comparison between different WSI systems


Training Phase:

Participants will be given a list of nouns and verbs for which word
senses need to be learnt.

For each word (noun or verb), participants will be given a training set
consisting of a collection of sentences/paragraphs.

Participating systems will be required to learn the senses of each word
(noun or verb) using the training set.

Testing Phase:

After the training phase is completed, participants will be sent a
testing set.

The testing set will consist, for the same noun (and verb) given during
training, a set of sentence/paragraphs.

Participants are required to tag each sentence/paragraph containing the
target noun (and verb) with one of its induced senses.

The evaluation setting for this task is described in:

Suresh Manandhar & Ioannis P. Klapaftis, SemEval-2010 Task 14:
Evaluation Setting for Word Sense Induction & Disambiguation Systems  In
NAACL-HLT 2009 Workshop on Semantic Evaluations: Recent Achievements and
Future Directions, Boulder, Colorado, USA (2009).

For more information, please visit:

and join our discussion group:

    * Dmitriy Dligach [University of Colorado]
    * Ioannis Klapaftis [University of York]
    * Suresh Manandhar [University of York]

    * Release of training data: March 22nd
    * Release of testing data: March 31st
    * Submission of answers: April 2nd

The workshop will be held in conjunction with ACL July 11-16, Uppsala,