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[iSGTW] iSGTW - 6 January 2010

Title: iSGTW 6 January 2010 - Email
iSGTW - International Science Grid This Week

Issue 156: iSGTW 06 January 2010

New Year Predictions

This week marks the beginning of a new year and a new decade. What does the future hold for eScience?

To find out, iSGTW spoke with experts from all walks of eScience. They shared perspectives on the future of volunteer computing, data management, policy, the federation of cyberinfrastructure, and demonstrating the scientific value of cyberinfrastructure.

Read on for predictions about eScience in 2010 and beyond.

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Lining up new grid users with gqsub

Grid computing is often seen as the domain of big science, involving giant experiments and massive number crunching.

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EELA-2 Conference

The EELA-2 Conference in Venezuela was far more than just a conference: it served as a place where stakeholders could discuss the future of grid in Latin America.

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Climate Wizard

Now anyone can play with climate models using an online tool called ClimateWizard.

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Video of the week

Musical Cyberinfrastructure

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 iSGTW 6 January 10

Feature - New Year Predictions

Feature - Lining up new grid users with gqsub

Feature - EELA-2 conference

Link of the week - Climate Wizard

Video of the week - Telejamming over the net


Call for papers: eChallenges, 27-29 October

Call for proposals: PRACE prototype access

Call for papers: Journal of Grid Computing special issue on clouds and grids

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