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Spoken Dialogue Systems

Kristiina Jokinen (University of Helsinki)
Michael McTear (University of Ulster)

Synthesis Lectures on Human Language Technologies #5 (Morgan & 
Claypool Publishers), 2009, 151 pages

Considerable progress has been made in recent years in the development 
of dialogue systems that support robust and efficient human-machine 
interaction using spoken language. Spoken dialogue technology allows 
various interactive applications to be built and used for practical 
purposes, and research focuses on issues that aim to increase the 
system's communicative competence by including aspects of error 
correction, cooperation, multimodality, and adaptation in context.

This book gives a comprehensive view of state-of-the-art techniques 
that are used to build spoken dialogue systems. It provides an 
overview of the basic issues such as system architectures, various 
dialogue management methods, system evaluation, and also surveys 
advanced topics concerning extensions of the basic model to more 
conversational setups.

The goal of the book is to provide an introduction to the methods, 
problems, and solutions that are used in dialogue system development 
and evaluation. It presents dialogue modelling and system development 
issues relevant in both academic and industrial environments and also 
discusses requirements and challenges for advanced interaction 
management and future research.

Table of Contents: Preface / Introduction to Spoken Dialogue Systems / 
Dialogue Management / Error Handling / Case Studies: Advanced 
Approaches to Dialogue Management / Advanced Issues / Methodologies 
and Practices of Evaluation / Future Directions / References / Author 


This title is available online without charge to members of 
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Printed copies are also available from Amazon and from booksellers 
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