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Dependency Parsing

Sandra Kübler (Indiana University)
Ryan McDonald (Google Research)
Joakim Nivre (Uppsala and Växjö Universities)

Synthesis Lectures on Human Language Technologies #2 (Morgan & 
Claypool Publishers), 2009, 127 pages

Dependency-based methods for syntactic parsing have become 
increasingly popular in natural language processing in recent years. 
This book gives a thorough introduction to the methods that are most 
widely used today. After an introduction to dependency grammar and 
dependency parsing, followed by a formal characterization of the 
dependency parsing problem, the book surveys the three major classes 
of parsing models that are in current use: transition-based, graph-
based, and grammar-based models. It continues with a chapter on 
evaluation and one on the comparison of different methods, and it 
closes with a few words on current trends and future prospects of 
dependency parsing. The book presupposes a knowledge of basic concepts 
in linguistics and computer science, as well as some knowledge of 
parsing methods for constituency-based representations.

Table of Contents: Introduction / Dependency Parsing / Transition-
Based Parsing / Graph-Based Parsing / Grammar-Based Parsing / 
Evaluation / Comparison / Final Thoughts


This title is available online without charge to members of 
institutions that that have licensed the Synthesis Digital Library of 
Engineering and Computer Science.  Members of licensing institutions 
have unlimited access to download, save, and print the PDF without 
restriction; use of the book as a course text is encouraged.  To find 
out whether your institution is a subscriber, visit <http://www.morganclaypool.com/page/licensed
 >, or just click on the book's URL above from an institutional IP 
address and attempt to download the PDF.  Others may purchase the book 
from this URL as a PDF download for US$30 or in print for US$40.  
Printed copies are also available from Amazon and from booksellers 
worldwide at approximately US$40 or local currency equivalent.