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[eu_members at aclweb dot org] Japan: 6th International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT 2009) -- Call for Participation


       6th International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation
                            (IWSLT 2009)

                       Call for Participation

                         December 1-2, 2009
           National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
                            Tokyo, Japan



* On-line registration

 Early Registration JPY 20,000 (deadline: Oct 31, 2009)
 Late  Registration JPY 25,000 (deadline: Nov 20, 2009)
 On-site Registration JPY 30,000 (deadline: Dec 1-2, 2009)

 (Students will obtain a discount of JPY 5.000.
  Please show your student ID at the registration desk)

* Program

* Contact
 Email: iwsltlocal09 at khn dot nict dot go dot jp
 TEL: +81-774-95-1303   FAX: +81-774-95-1308

The 6th International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT)
will take place in Tokyo, Japan on December 1-2, 2009.
IWSLT is a yearly, open evaluation campaign for spoken language
translation followed by a scientific workshop, in which (1) system
descriptions and (2) scientific papers are presented.

IWSLT's evaluations are friendly, competition-oriented, with the aim to
foster cooperative work and scientific exchange. In this respect,
IWSLT proposes challenging research tasks and an open experimental
infrastructure including supplied corpora, automatic evaluation servers,
and human evaluations for the scientific community working on spoken
language translation.

In total, 18 organizations from all over the world took part in this year's
evaluation campaign. Their innovative ideas on how to deal with translations
of task-oriented human dialogs in travel situations will be presented
in two oral and two poster sessions. In addition to the evaluation campaign,
the IWSLT 2009 workshop also features two oral sessions of scientific papers
related to spoken language technologies and three informative Keynote speeches.

(Keynote Speech 1)

 Human Translation and Machine Translation
 Philipp KOEHN (University of Edinburgh, UK)

(Keynote Speech 2)

 Two-way Speech-to-Speech Translation for Communicating Across Language Barriers
 Rohit PRASAD (BBN Technologies, USA)

(Keynote Speech 3)

 Monolingual Knowledge Acquisition and a Multilingual Information Environment
 Kentaro TORISAWA (NICT, Japan)

If you need a visa for coming to Japan and you did not apply for it yet,
please contact the IWSLT Secretariat (iwslt at the-convention dot co dot jp) IMMEDIATELY
as the preparation of the visa application can last between 2 and 4 weeks.
Information for visa application is available at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
website (http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa).

Looking forward to seeing you at the conference.

Best regards,

Eiichiro Sumita
IWSLT 2009 Workshop Chair

=== Organizers

 Alex Waibel (CMU, USA / UKA, Germany)
 Marcello Federico (FBK, Italy)
 Satoshi Nakamura (NICT, Japan)

=== Chairs

 * Workshop Chair: Eiichiro Sumita (NICT, Japan)
 * Evaluation Campaign Chair: Michael Paul (NICT, Japan)
 * Technical Paper Chair: Marcello Federico (FBK, Italy)

=== Program Committee

 * Laurent Besacier (LIG, France)
 * Francisco Casacuberta (ITI-UPV, Spain)
 * Boxing Chen (NRC, Canda)
 * Philipp Koehn (Univ. Edinburgh, UK)
 * Philippe Langlais (Univ. Montreal, Canada)
 * Geunbae Lee (Postech, Korea)
 * Yves Lepage (GREYC, France)
 * Haizhou Li (I2R, Singapore)
 * Qun Liu (ICT, China)
 * José B. Mariño (TALP-UPC, Spain)
 * Coskun Mermer (TUBITAK, Turkey)
 * Christof Monz (QMUL, UK)
 * Hermann Ney (RWTH, Germany)
 * Holger Schwenk (LIUM, France)
 * Wade Shen (MIT-LL, USA)
 * Hajime Tsukada (NTT, Japan)
 * Stephan Vogel (CMU, USA / UKA, Germany)
 * Andy Way (DCU, Ireland)
 * Chengqing Zong (CASIA, China)