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[eu_members at aclweb dot org] "A Wordnet from the Ground Up" -- announcing a free book

"A Wordnet from the Ground Up" by Maciej Piasecki, Stan Szpakowicz and Bartosz Broda (ISBN 978-83-7493-476-3)

A language without a wordnet is at a severe disadvantage. We report on the initial stages of a long-term project to create a similar resource for Polish. We have envisaged a book for many audiences. The most immediate “clientele” are people who work with wordnets and on wordnets. We have attempted to make our experience with one language approachable to people who need not know anything about that language. Computing professionals who work with Polish texts may find the technical discussion interesting. Linguists who use computers in their study may be encouraged to acquire yet another element of their research workbench. Researchers who specialise in statistical method of semantic analysis of texts may consider our comprehensive overview of such methods useful.

There was no Polish wordnet when our work began several years ago. We chose to construct the resource from the ground up rather than translate the English WordNet first and then labouriously adapt it to the significantly different realities of the Polish language.



The book is freely available on the Web. Downloads (PDF 14.5MB, zipped PDF 1.6MB):



A mirror in Canada: