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[eu_members at aclweb dot org] Pennsylvania: ACM SIGMM International Conference on Multimedia Information Retrieval

                        EXTENDED DEADLINE FOR CFP AND Special Sessions TO September 22nd


                                (Apologies if you receive multiple copies)



                               ACM SIGMM International Conference on

                                       Multimedia Information Retrieval



                                                      ACM MIR-2010

                                                      Call for Papers


                                    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

                                                  March 29-31, 2010




Call for Papers




Multimedia information retrieval is a cross-cutting field. Extending

beyond the borders of culture, art, and science, the search for digital

information is one of the major challenges of our time. Digital libraries,

bio-computing & medical science, the Internet and social networking sites,

streaming video, multimedia databases, cultural heritage collections and

P2P networks have created a worldwide need for new paradigms and techniques

on how to browse, search and summarize multimedia collections and more

generally how to afford efficient multimedia content consumption.


The 11th ACM International Conference on Multimedia Information Retrieval

(MIR) is the premier scientific meeting for discussing the latest advances

in the area of multimedia retrieval. MIR 2010 is on its second year as a

full ACM conference, following nine successful years as a workshop held in

conjunction with the ACM Multimedia Conference. The growth of MIR is a result

the growing importance of multimedia content in our lives. In MIR 2008, there

were 308 submitted papers with an overall (full and short papers) acceptance

rate of 18%. The conference was attended by more than 150 registered



The purpose of MIR 2010 is to bring together researchers and practitioners

from academia and industry. We are soliciting original papers that address

a wide range of issues in multimedia information exploration, summarization

and retrieval including, but not limited to:


-- Analysis, Indexing, Search and Retrieval of multimedia data: images,

video, audio, music, other data types, multi-modal systems

-- Multimedia Data Mining

-- Personal Multimedia Content Management: analysis, search, retrieval,


-- Learning, personalization and relevance feedback in multimedia retrieval

-- Scalable indexing, search and structuring

-- Novel Interfaces for multimedia management, search and retrieval

-- Exploration of media archives: browsing, experiential computing Interfaces

and User Experience for multimedia exploration, visualization,

-- Digital Life Experience analysis and retrieval - life logs, digital

immortality, life bits Video surveillance browsing and retrieval,

-- Context and content-based approaches to multimedia retrieval

-- Mobile multimedia indexing, search and retrieval applications

-- Identification and monitoring: Trademark search, multimedia copy detection,

multimedia watermarking techniques

-- Application domains: Scientific multimedia, environmental studies,

bio-computing and medical multimedia analysis and indexing (MRI/CT, microscopic

images, satellite imaging, sensors, etc.), Preserving cultural heritage.


Special Sessions


Special Sessions for emerging frontier theories or applications in MIR. Note

that the novelty requirement in these sessions is much higher than the regular

paper submissions.  Information about these sessions will be available on the

conference Website.


Paper Submission


Full papers (10 pages in the ACM style sheet in English) should be submitted

through the website submission system. Each author can be involved in at most

two submissions to this conference.  The authors may choose to submit manuscripts

for double-blind review.  If that is the case, we recommend that the authors not

give any indications of authorship in the text.


General Chairs


James Z. Wang (Penn State University, jwang at psu dot edu)

Nozha Boujemaa (INRIA, France, Nozha dot Boujemaa at inria dot fr)


Technical Program Co-Chairs


Nuria Oliver (Telefonica Research, Spain, nuriao at tid dot es)

Apostol Natsev, IBM Research


Special Sessions Chair


Jia Li (Penn State University, jiali at psu dot edu)


Panel Chair


Alan Hanjalic, (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, A dot Hanjalic at tudelft dot nl)


Important Dates


September 22, 2009      Paper Submission

November 20, 2009 Acceptance Notification

December 15, 2009       Camera Ready Papers Due







Call for Special Session Proposals



ACM SIGMM International Conference on Multimedia Information Retrieval (MIR)

2010 will include special sessions for emerging frontier theories or applications

in the program. Work included in the special sessions is expected to represent

the state-of-the-art and high-impact research directions in multimedia information



Each special session will contain 4 - 6 invited papers. The session organizer(s)

will be responsible for the selection of these papers. The session may begin with

an overview paper on the topic being addressed and then be followed by the papers

with specific technical contributions on the topic.


The following information should be included in the session proposal:


-- Title of the proposed session

-- Session abstract (state significance of topic and rationale for proposed session)

-- Names/affiliation of the organizer(s) (including brief bio and contact info)

-- List of invited contributions, each with

-- Author names

-- A tentative title

-- An abstract (below 1000 words)


Proposals will be evaluated based on the timeliness of the topic and relevance to

MIR, as well as the qualifications of the organizers and quality of the paper

abstracts in the proposed session.


The organizers of an accepted special session will be responsible for ensuring the

quality of the final papers included in the session as these papers would not otherwise

receive peer reviews.


Important Dates



Sep 22, 2009: Special session proposals due


Sep 30, 2009: Decisions made on special session proposals


Nov 10, 2010: Submission of manuscripts to the chair of the special sessions


Nov 25, 2010: Feedbacks on the manuscripts provided by the chair


Dec 15, 2010: Final camera-ready manuscripts due


Submission Procedure for Special Sessions



Proposal adhering to the above requirements should be sent by email to Jia Li

(jiali at psu dot edu). All the papers in the special sessions should follow the same

style as the regular MIR papers. More details on http://riemann.ist.psu.edu/mir2010


Jia Li

Department of Statistics

The Pennsylvania State University

(Office) +1-814-863-3074

(email) jiali at psu dot edu

(Web) http://www.stat.psu.edu/~jiali