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Call for Contributions for FrameNet Masterclass and Workshop

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS FOR FrameNet Masterclass and Workshop


FrameNet Masterclass and Workshop





‘FrameNet Masterclass and Workshop’ will be held on 3 December 2009 in Milan, at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (http://tlt8.unicatt.it/framenet.htm) and will be co-located with the TLT8 workshop (http://tlt8.unicatt.it/).


A Masterclass given by Charles Fillmore will cover the entire morning session. For the afternoon session, we invite the submission of abstracts (up to 2,000 words) for oral presentations on research concerning FrameNet and related topics, such as the following:

- applications of FrameNet in NLP

- collaboration between FrameNet and annotated corpora

- the role of linguistic theories in FrameNet

- FrameNet as a basis for linguistic research

- combination and comparison between FrameNet and other lexical resources

- parallel and multilingual FrameNets

- development of new FrameNets


Abstracts should be submitted by e-mail to workshop dot tlt8 at unicatt dot it before 11 September 2009, clearly indicating in the subject line "FrameNet submission". In the accompanying message, please include:

- the title of the talk

- the names of all the authors

- the contact author name

- contact information (e-mail is sufficient)


Notifications of acceptance will be sent before 9 October 2009. No publication of the papers of the talks is foreseen.


The presentations at this event will be as long as the presentations at the TLT8 workshop (i.e. 30 minutes: 25 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions and discussion).


Please forward this call to colleagues of yours who may be interested.


Programme Committee:

- Sue Atkins, USA

- Hans C. Boas, USA

- Katrin Erk, Germany

- Charles J. Fillmore, USA

- Alessandro Lenci, Italy

- Kyoko Hirose Ohara, Japan

- Marco Passarotti, Italy

- Savina Raynaud, Italy

- Carlos Subirats, Spain