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[eu_members at aclweb dot org] Call for Proposals -- NAACL Latin American Fund

On June 3, 2009, NAACL (http://naacl.org) announced the creation of a
new initiative to assist the Latin American research community in
Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics. NAACL has
set aside a modest amount of funding for this coming year ($3,000 US),
in order to make awards that will be of assistance to the Latin
American research community.

We anticipate making awards in the range of $500 - $1500. While the
nature of the awards are not strictly specified, our overall goal is
to assist the creation of a larger and more cohesive Computational
Linguistics community in Latin America. Examples of proposals that
could help to "build community" may include support for regional
conferences (either financial and/or endorsement), improved
distribution of tools and data of particular interest to Latin
America, and financial or material support for NLP/CL classes at
colleges and universities in Latin America. In addition, NAACL has a
long tradition of supporting student participation in conferences,
summer schools, and NLP/CL competitions, and would give high priority
to such efforts in Latin America.

However, NAACL recognizes that each region of Latin America has
specific needs and concerns, and so we are open to a wide range of
possible proposals, subject to the constraint that these awards are
intended to support individuals, institutions, or events located in
Latin America, and to support travel within Latin America.

Proposals will be considered as they are received. Please submit a one
page proposal (approx), that addresses the following points :


1) What will this funding enable you to achieve? :

2) Who specifically will benefit from this funding? :

3) The total amount of NAACL funding requested (in US dollars) :

4) A more detailed breakdown of the budget (if relevant) :

5) If you will use this funding to make your own awards (e.g., student
travel grants), by what criteria will you do that, and who would make
that decision? :

6) Contact information for the individual or organization making the
request, along with any relevant web pages:


Please submit proposals or questions to Owen Rambow, Chair of NAACL (
rambow at cs.columbia.edu ) and cc Ted Pedersen ( tpederse at
d.umn.edu ).