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[eu_members at aclweb dot org] Virginia: Virtual Healthcare Interaction - VHI 09 (AAAI 2009 Fall Symposium Series)

Virtual Healthcare Interaction - VHI 09
AAAI 2009 Fall Symposium Series
Westin Arlington Gateway, Arlington, VA, USA – November 4-7, 2009

Interaction between healthcare providers and consumers has a central role
in consumer satisfaction and successful health outcomes. The healthcare
consumer, facing increasing responsibility for healthcare decisions, may
turn to electronic resources to supplement the information given by his
healthcare provider. Here intelligent systems can assist in retrieval and
summarization of relevant and trustworthy information, in tailoring the
information so that it is comprehensible, and in making it accessible to
computer users with disabilities. Furthermore, intelligent systems are
beginning to appear that provide virtual healthcare services to the
patient: e.g., monitoring the patient’s health, reminding him to take his
medicine, and encouraging him to exercise or eat a healthy diet. On the
health care provider’s side, artificial intelligence can provide virtual
patients for training providers to diagnose, care for, or communicate with

This symposium will focus on Virtual Healthcare Interaction (VHI): use of
Artificial Intelligence in interaction traditionally occurring between
healthcare providers and consumers. Topics of interest include, but are not
limited to:
•    Virtual healthcare providers (e.g. medication advising, counseling)
•    Games, conversational agents, and dialogue systems for healthy
behavior promotion (e.g. STD prevention, personal exercise trainer)
•    Virtual patients for training providers to diagnose, care for, or
communicate with clients (e.g. virtual psychiatric patient)
•    Decision support for healthcare clients (e.g. for cancer treatment)
•    Explanation for informed consent
•    Healthcare interventions (e.g. cognitive prostheses, speech therapy,
virtual or robotic companions)
•    Tailoring health information or risk communication to patients,
including low-literacy, low-numeracy, or under-served audiences
•    Intelligent retrieval and summarization of healthcare information
tailored for patients
•    Tailored access to medical record supporting both providers and
•    Intelligent interfaces supporting access to healthcare services for
people with HCI limitations (e.g. motor, vision, hearing, cognitive).

In addition to AI researchers, the symposium invites participants from
healthcare-related fields with an interest in these issues. The symposium
format will consist of presentations on work in-progress and mature work,
demonstrations of implemented systems, invited expert presentations, and
small group discussions.

For up-to-date information see

•     May 15 - Submissions are due
•     June 5 - Acceptance/rejection notices
•     September 18 - Invited participants registration deadline
•     October 16 - Final (open) registration deadline
•     November 5-7 - Symposium

Submission Information

The following types of submissions related to the symposium themes are
•     Paper on mature research (8 pages maximum)
•     Short paper on less mature research (4 pages maximum)
•     Position paper (4 pages maximum)
•     Abstract for software demonstration (2 page maximum)
•     Proposal for panel discussion (2 page maximum).
Submit papers in PDF format through EasyChair
<https://www.easychair.org/login.cgi?conf=vhi09> no later than May 15,
2009. Accepted papers will be available to participants as Working Notes,
and may be published through the AAAI Symposium Technical Report series.

Organizing Committee
•     Nancy Green, co-chair (University of North Carolina Greensboro)
•     Donia Scott, co-chair (Open University)
•     Tim Bickmore (Northeastern University)
•     Giuseppe Carenini (University of British Columbia)
•     Floriana Grasso (University of Liverpool)
•     Curry Guinn  (University of North Carolina Wilmington)
•     Kathy McCoy (University of Delaware)
•     Cecile Paris (CSIRO ICT Centre, Australia)
•     Yan Qu
•     Ehud Reiter (University of Aberdeen).

Registration Information

See AAAI 2009 Fall Symposium Series
<http://www.aaai.org/Symposia/Fall/fss09.php> for details.