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[eu_members at aclweb dot org] Greece: EACL 2009 -- FINAL Call for Participation


                                         EACL 2009
             12th Conference of the European Chapter
        of the Association for Computational Linguistics


                                March 30th to April 3rd 2009
                                       Athens, Greece

EACL 2009 is the major scientific event in Computational Linguistics and Human Language Technology
research in 2009 in Europe. It covers a broad spectrum of disciplines working towards enabling intelligent
systems to interact with humans using natural language, and towards enhancing human-human communication
through services such as speech recognition, automatic translation, information retrieval,
text summarization, and information extraction.

The conference is organised by the National Centre for Scientific Research (NCSR) "Demokritos" -
Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications, with the support of the Athens University of Economics and Business -
Department of Informatics and the Institute for Language and Speech Processing.
It will take place at the Megaron Athens International Conference Center.

          Late registration deadline: 11:59pm GMT, 23rd March 2009
               Only on-site registration will be possible after this date.

The EACL 2009 registration is open at the following web page:

Please note that concerning tutorials, the registration fee remains at the early registration rate

While you're at the registration pages, you are encouraged to book also your accommodations early.
Check out the accommodation information here:

Note also that you can see the conference programme at


General Chair
         Alex Lascarides, University of Edinburgh, UK

Programme Committee Co-Chairs
        Claire Gardent, CNRS LORIA, France         
        Joakim Nivre, Växjö University and Uppsala University, Sweden

Organising Co-Chairs
        Vangelis Karkaletsis, NCSR Demokritos, Greece
        Ion  Androutsopoulos, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece
        Stelios Piperidis, Institute for Language and Speech Processing, Greece


Workshops                                   March 30th-31st 2009
Tutorials                                        March 30th-31st 2009

Main conference,
System Demos and
Student Research Workshop         April 1-3, 2009.


        Ann Copestake
        University of Cambridge, UK

        Franciska de Jong
        University of Twente, the Netherlands



The Interaction between Linguistics and Computational Linguistics: Virtuous, Vicious or Vacuous?
Organisers: Timothy Baldwin and Valia Kordoni

GEMS - Geometric Models of Natural Language Semantics
Organisers: Roberto Basili and Marco Pennacchiotti

LaTeCH-SHELT&R 2009: Language Technology and Resources for Cultural
Heritage, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Education

Organisers: Piroska Lendvai, Lars Borin, Antal van den Bosch, Martin Reynaert and Caroline Sporleder

4th Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation
Organisers: Chris Callison-Burch, Philipp Koehn, Josh Schroeder and Christof Monz

2nd International Workshop on Semantic Representation of Spoken Language 2009 (SRSL 2009)
Organisers: Thierry Declerck and Manuel Alcantara-Pla

12th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG 2009)

Organisers: Emiel Krahmer and Mariet Theune

Language Technologies for African Languages
Organisers: Lori Levin, John Kiango, Judith Klavans, Manuela Noske,
Guy De Pauw, Gilles-Maurice de Schryver and Peter Waiganjo Wagacha

Computational Approaches to Semitic Languages
Organisers: Mike Rosner and Shuly Wintner

Cognitive Aspects of Computational Language Acquisition
Organisers: Thierry Poibeau, Afra Alishahi and Aline Villavicencio

Computational Linguistic Aspects of Grammatical Inference

Organisers: Menno van Zaanen and Colin de la Higuera


30th March [Morning session]
Constraint Conditional models for NLP
Ming-Wei Chang, Lev Ratinov, Dan Roth

30th March [Afternoon session]
Statistical Language Modeling for Information Access
Maarten de Rijke, Edgar Meij

31st March [Morning session]
Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Dialogue Systems
Oliver Lemon, Verena Rieser

31st March [Afternoon session]
Combinatory Categorial Grammars for Robust Natural Language Processing
Mark Steedman


The main conference programme (it includes the programme for the Student Research Workshop and the System Demonstration) is shown at:

We look forward to seeing you at EACL 2009 !

The local organisers

Vangelis Karkaletsis
Ion  Androutsopoulos
Stelios Piperidis