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[eu_members at aclweb dot org] Canada: MT Summit XII -- Call for Tutorial and Research Proposals

Machine Translation Summit XII –Tutorial and Workshop Proposals Due March 6!

Short Title: MT Summit
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Date: 26-30 August 2009


Conference Web Site: http://summitxii.amtaweb.org
Contact Person: Laurie Gerber (lgerber at amtaweb dot org)
Linguistic Subfield(s): Computational Linguistics
Summary of Submission Deadlines

March 6, 2009: Final day for Tutorial and Workshop proposals

April 28, 2009: Deadline for Research paper submissions

May 28, 2009: Deadline for Commercial User, Government User, and Translator Training and Tools presentation proposals


Summary of Conference Schedule

August 26, 2009  Tutorial day

August 27-29, 2009: Main conference

August 28, 2009: Technology Showcase

August 30, 2009: Workshop day


Complete call for Papers and Presentation Proposals available on the conference website


Call for Tutorial Proposals


AMTA conference tutorials introduce our members to exciting innovations, to practical skills, or to different disciplinary perspectives. MT is a kaleidoscopic universe of ideas, concerns, and capabilities that requires the efforts and talents of professionals in multiple disciplines. The goal of cross-language meaning transfer is shared among translators, technologists, and researchers of all stripes -- but we often need cross-training to improve communication. Tutorials at AMTA provide background for the main conference sessions, and enhance our members' effectiveness by offering a means for understanding issues, solutions, and perspectives of multiple approaches and different disciplines.


Tutorials will be held on Wednesday, August 26. Tutorials are half-day (3 hour) instructional sessions.




We ask that tutorials be of interest to a broad audience and particularly invite:

Tutorials on post-processing tools: how are people doing post-processing now?

Tutorials on Human Translation: how do people translate? What are the stumbling blocks?

Introduction to Machine Translation - introduce new or prospective commercial users to machine translation technology, evaluation, and use, including fundamental vocabulary and concepts

Introduction to MT Evaluation

Making a business case for MT: What are the important measures when assessing the potential and actual benefits from adopting machine translation?

Tutorialss on MT for Low-Resource Languages

Catching up with MT: Summary of Research, Tools, and Issues from 2008 meetings of AAMT, EAMT, AMTA, etc.

Tutorials that introduce tool developers and researchers to the current landscape of translation technology and standards that machine translation needs to interoperate with in a production environment

Tutorials that introduce tool developers and researchers to human translation, including professional standards, training, and technology adoption trends. 

Technical and scientific tutorials on high-impact issues, approaches, and techniques

Tutorials which explain a recent development in the field or provide technical guidance

Introductory, overview, or survey tutorials on high-interest, leading-edge R&D topics


 If you have an idea but are new to the process of proposing tutorials, please contact us. We can assist you in developing your idea.


What to submit

Submissions should include the title and a brief description of the proposed tutorial's topic and content, including a short outline of the presentation or interactive activity, showing that the content can be covered in three hours. Be sure to include technical requirements and a description of the professional expertise of the tutorial presenters.


How to submit

Send submissions to Reggie Hobbs (hobbs at arl dot army dot mil) and Jennifer DeCamp (jdecamp at mitre dot org), with a copy to the main conference email address (summitxii at amtaweb dot org). We will evaluate Tutorial proposals as soon as they are submitted. The last day for submissions is March 6, 2009.


Important Dates
March 6, 2009: Deadline for Tutorial proposals

August 10, 2009: Deadline for submission of tutorial materials for copying

August 26, 2009: Tutorial day


Call for Workshop Proposals


Proposals for workshops are now being solicited on topics of direct interest and impact for MT researchers, developers, vendors or users of MT technologies. AMTA workshops bring together groups of people (peers) involved in a specific problem area of machine translation, to advance the state of the art in that area.  Workshops focus on group participation rather than instruction.

Workshops are typically held the day after the main conference, and this year will be held on Sunday 30th August. Workshops will normally last a whole day (approx. 8 hours). Workshops can take a variety of forms, including refereed and invited papers, hands-on exercises, discussion and debate, or other activities. Proposers will be asked to issue their own ''Call for Papers'', and to maintain a web site giving information about the submission procedure and, later on, the full program. Working language of the workshops will normally be English; however, it is acceptable to have a second (or alternative) working language if this is appropriate to the theme of the workshop. This should be stated clearly on the proposal.

Submissions should be made to the Workshop Chair (e-mail:
hassan at apptek dot com) by March 6th. They should include the theme and goal of the workshop, the planned activities, a calendar of deadlines for submission including the dates for workshop submissions, notification and, if appropriate, camera-ready copy (we advise that you follow the submission dates for the main conference), and an estimate of the number of participants.
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Note that we will evaluate Workshop proposals as soon as they are submitted. The last day for submissions is March 6, 2009

Important Dates
March 6, 2009: Deadline for Workshop proposals
August 10, 2009: Deadline for Submission of Workshop Proceedings for copying

August 30, 2009: Workshop day


Technology Showcase


Machine translation technology has been ready for deployment in many environments for many years, but many prospective users hesitate to dive in, or perhaps they don’t believe that MT will work for their application. The technology showcase provides an opportunity to see working MT systems embedded in software systems that solve real world problems. The developers and integrators are on hand to demonstrate the systems, and talk about the users and the use cases.


User groups and integrators are especially encouraged to demonstrate the systems they have built to solve real-wlrld problems. Developers are encouraged to demonstrate solutionized MT and related tools and systems.


The Technology Showcase will be held Friday afternoon, August 28, and will be open to the public and the press.


For more information, contact Jennifer DeCamp (jdecamp at mitre dot org) and Reggie Hobbs (hobbs at arl dot army dot mil) with a copy to summitxii at amtaweb dot org
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A few words about Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa is Canada’s capital and the fourth-largest city in Canada (1.2 million people). Nestled on the banks of the Ottawa, Gatineau, and Rideau Rivers, Ottawa has more scientists, engineers, and PhDs per capita than any other city in the country. It is known for the large number of parks and lakes that surround it, as well as for the numerous cultural institutions it contains.


The conference venue, the Fairmount Château Laurier, is located in the heart of downtown next to the Parliament Buildings and not far from the National Gallery and the National Arts Centre. It is a magnificent limestone edifice with turrets and masonry reminiscent of a French château.