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[eu_members at aclweb dot org] Announcing FLaReNet (Fostering Language Resources Network)

******** Announcing FLaReNet (Fostering Language Resources Network)*********

FLaReNet is an eContentPlus project funded by the European Commission, officially started on
1st September 2008.
It is intended to promote the consolidation of a European strategy in the field of Language Resources and Language Technologies and to be a European forum to facilitate interaction among LR stakeholders.

To know more about FLaReNet, please visit often its web site at
http://www.flarenet.eu/ : the site is still under construction and is going to be frequently updated with more content.

*Join FLaReNet*: FLaReNet is open to new subscribers who are invited to join the Network (more details on the website).

                                    *IMPORTANT EVENTS*

*** FLaReNet Launching Event: an open workshop will be organised in Wien on 12-13 February 2009. For information on the event see the FLaReNet web site.

The new EC Unit E1-Language Technologies and Machine Translation organises the event:

*** Language Technology Days in Luxembourg on 14-15 January 2009.
Outline agenda and registration at http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/language-technologies/fp7-call4_en.html