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[eu_members at aclweb dot org] Hawaii: AMTA 2008: Final CFP and DEADLINE EXTENSION

-- Apologies for multiple posting --

AMTA 2008
The 8th Biennial Conference of the
Association for Machine Translation in the Americas
Waikiki, Hawai’i, October 21-25

Final call for papers for the research track and **DEADLINE EXTENSION**

There have been a number of requests to give authors more time after ACL 
to work
on their AMTA paper. Therefore, the deadline for research papers (and 
also for the
student research workshop) will be extended and synchronized with the 
deadline for
the co-located EMNLP.

New submission deadline for research papers is July 3 [11:59pm EST 

Final Call for MT Research Papers at AMTA

Contact: Stephan Vogel ( stephan dot vogel at cs dot cmu dot edu )

Machine Translation continues to be one of the most active research 
areas within
Natural Language Processing. MT evaluations, such as those conducted by 
provide ample evidence that the field of MT continues to grow and 
attract more and
more researchers. Data-driven approaches have become particularly 
fashionable in
recent years. These approaches have generated systems that have been the top
performers in recent comparative evaluations. Furthermore, the challenge 
of building
competitive MT systems has been significantly reduced with the 
introduction of
open source toolkits such as Giza++ and Moses. This development, 
exciting as it is,
also bears the danger of introducing uniformity into MT research. AMTA 
aims to
promote diversity in MT research and actively seeks research papers 
across the
entire range of the MT research spectrum for the AMTA-2008 research program.
We solicit submissions in English of unpublished papers describing 
original research
on all aspects of Machine Translation.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

- Advances in data-driven MT (Statistical MT, Example-based MT, etc.)
- Advances in rule-based MT (Transfer-based MT, Interlingual MT, etc.)
- Lexicon and grammar acquisition and induction
- Hybrid approaches that integrate and unify aspects of rule-based MT 
and statistical MT
- MT for resource-poor languages
- MT on resource-limited machinery (e.g. PDAs)
- Distributed architectures for large data MT
- Speech-to-speech or speech-to-text MT
- MT with OCR
- MT for communication (chats, blogs, social networks)
- MT Evaluation

What to submit:

Papers should not be longer than 10 pages and should be in pdf format.
Style files (Latex and MS Word) can be found on the conference page:
To allow for blind reviewing, please do not put author names and 
affiliations into
the paper and avoid obvious self-references.

How to submit:

AMTA 2008 is using the START conference management system. To submit a 
paper go to the submission website at: 
and follow the instructions on the web page.

Dual Submission Policy:

Papers submitted to the research paper track at AMTA-2008 may be 
submitted in
parallel to other conferences or workshops, but these must be listed 
clearly in the
space provided on the submission web page. If accepted for publication 
authors must withdraw the paper from one of the two venues and notify 
the workshop
contacts as soon as possible.