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Hindi Wordnet resource

Dear Colleague,
  The Natural Language Processing Group of the Computer Science and Engineering Department, IIT Bombay has developed the Hindi Wordnet which is a crucial resource for NLP involving Indian Languages. The resource follows the Princeton Wordnet's design, but incorporates Hindi specific features. There are more than  25000 synsets and about 58000 words in the lexical database. Synsets are linked with all conventional lexical and semantic relations as well as some Hindi specific relations.

There has been a great demand for this resource which has been created mainly through government support. We decided to make it freely downloadable for research purposes.

Hindi Wordnet is available at the URL
(we will be thankful for your registering and signing the license form)

The download consists of an installable which on installing creates a directory containing the wordnet data and the APIs along with documentation.

For any queries write to:

Dr. Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
IIT Bombay
Ph: 91-22-25764729 (o), 25721955(h)
email: pb at cse dot iitb dot ac dot in