Two-Level Morphology Day (TWOL Day)

Applications and Problems of Finite-State Morphology in Less Studied Languages

August 31, 2005
Helsinki, Finland


Fabianinkatu 33, University Main Building ("Yliopiston Päärakenus" in Finnish), (auditorium IV), Wednesday, 31th August, 12:00 - 18:00


The field of computational morphology (and phonology) contains a strong tradition that is associated with the so-called two-level approach and lexical transducers. The two-level approach is currently represented by such tools as PC-KIMMO, XFST, LEXC, FSA, RWTH FSA, SFST, Carmel, FSM Library and alike. The two-level approach has been applied to European and non-European languages, and the related tools are often the option of choice for computational morphology of less studied languages.

Many less studied languages are a cutting edge that still presents challenges for linguists willing to apply finite-state methods in practice. The challenges do not necessarily undermine the two-level approach but demonstrate where the linguist's interface, finite-state compilers and formalisms are in need of further development in order to be more convenient to use. Sometimes a solution lies in training and sometimes in practical innovations or tool development.

The Two-Level Morphology Day (TWOL Day for short) is a mini-workshop and a satellite event for FSMNLP 2005, and it will be held on 31 August 2005, in the afternoon. At the same time there is another workshop, Automata, Words and Logic, going on in the same building.

The goals of the TWOL Day are

Call for Papers

We invite about-30-minutes presentations or demonstrations on practical applications and problems of finite-state morphology in less studied languages. The language of presentations is English. If you would like to present something at the TWOL day, please send us a suggestion for your talk as an ASCII or HTML text containing

preferably by August 8. As the day is a workshop-like event, there will not be a formal review process. The presentations and demonstrations to be given in the mini-workshop will be selected by the organizers. Send the abstract to "twolday AT ling DOT helsinki DOT fi", using the subject header "TWOLDAY Abstract".

The abstracts will be copied to the participants. At the event, the authors may distribute copies of their working papers if they wish. In any case, the best papers presented in the workshop will, however, be published. The deadline for the final versions of such papers is October 25, 2005. The final versions should be in MS Word format, and the included figures should be of high printing quality (no pixel graphics except in photographs).

Call for Participation

To register for participation, please do it along with FSMNLP registration or separately, by sending an e-mail to "twolday AT ling DOT helsinki DOT fi". The subject header "TWOLDAY Registration" should be used.

The registration fee for those who do not participate FSMNLP 2005 is 15 EUR. Their registration fee will be collected in cash during the TWOLDAY event. Hotel, venue and local information (including information for presenters) is provided by the FSMNLP 2005 web site,

We hope to see you in Helsinki.

Important Dates

Submission of Abstracts August 8, 2005
Decision Notification August 11, 2005
Registration August 15, 2005
TWOL Day August 31, 2005
FSMNLP 2005 September 1-2, 2005
Submission of TWOL Day papers  
selected for publication
October 25, 2005

Organizers of TWOL Day 2005

- Arvi Hurskainen (Institute for Asian and African Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland)
- Anssi Yli-Jyrä (CSC, the Finnish IT center for science, Finland)

Contact: twolday AT ling DOT helsinki DOT fi

The TWOL Day mini-workshop program

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

11:30am-12:00pm Registration
12:00am-18:00pm (Reserved)

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