Finite-State Methods and
Natural Language Processing 2005

1 - 2 September, 2005,

The Fifth International Workshop
in the Series of Workshops on

Finite-State Methods in Natural Language Processing




    Organizer's Cell Phone. If you are lost and need help, you can contact Anssi Yli-Jyra at the number +358-40-5933923.

    Police (emergency). Call +358-9-10022 in emergency. Generic emergency number (ambulance etc.) is 112. If you need to call hospital or medical first-aid in the Helsinki region, its 24-hour-number is +358-9-10023.

    The tourism kiosks, Tourist & Convention Bureau, and Sightseeing Kiosk, are close to the Senate Square and the conference location, see a map for their location.

    A WikiTravel article about Helsinki is very informative. See also Finland as facts.

Shops, Chemists etc.
    Information to be posted here.
Arppeanum Building

    Venue. See VENUE page for maps.

    The oudoor doors of the Arppeanum building will be open only between 8:00 - 16:00. In all other times you will need to ring the bell or call the organizer's cell phone if you visit outside.

    Lockers. The building contains medium-size lockers into which you can store your valuables.

Coffee Breaks, Meals and the Conference Dinner

    Coffee/tea will be served during the FSMNLP 2005 coffee breaks at the caferia of Arppeanum. During TWOLDAY and AWL, the coffee is not not served by the conference. The cafeteria are easy to find in the same building (both in Arppeanum and in the Main Building).

    Lunch meals will be available in several restaurants close to the conference site.

    • The prices at UniCafe restaurants range from € 5,20 to 7,70. A fast pizzeria (KOTIPIZZA) is around the corner, Mariankatu 20.
    • Café Engel in the front of the Senate Square is very popular place for those who want to eat a good sandwitch, a pie or drink good cafe/tea.

    • Take-away Indian food: Namaskaar Express, Aleksanterinkatu 36 B.
    Drinking water. Tap water is safe to drink everywhere in Finland.

    Dietary restríctions. Could you please notify us as soon as possible if you have to observe any dietary restrictions. Please do this by sending an email to fsmnlp(a)ling.helsinki.fi with the subject header "FSMNLP Dinner". This is needed to plan the conference dinner in advance.

    Conference Dinner. Kulosaaren Casino is the restaurant of the Conference Dinner.


    Do I need to bring my own laptop? The preproceedings (roughly 300 pages) will be given as on a CD. If you do not have your computer, we can arrange photocopied printouts for the small costs.

    We are arranging temporary accounts that will be given only to the FSMNLP/TWOLDAY/AWL participants. You will have to sign an agreement before getting the password and accout.

    Access to PC machines. To write email, you have to use either your own laptop with a given account in WLAN or a desktop computers in certain buildings (Alexandia for example).

    Protection. If you bring a Windows laptop and WLAN card, we require that you have at least SP2 installed, the firewall activated and We require that you update your Virus protection database and have a Firewall program and anti-virus checking turned on. This is a part of the normal protection level required anywhere. More information on the WLAN areas will be posted here.

    WLAN will be available at many places of the campus. Moreover, wireless network is available at the venue. Setting the network up has been somewhat uncertain, but at the moment everything seems to be in order and the network ought to be in function during the workshop.

    All workshop participants receive a user account, if they wish, which will be usable until Saturday, 3 Sep. With this, it will be possible to use the Helsinki University WLAN (HUPnet).

    The number of ethernet cables is limited in Arppeanum.

Instructions for Speakers

Poster and Software Demos

    Size of the poster: The size of the poster for each presentations is limited to "900mm x 1200mm" (A0 portrait size). You can choose the way of width and height within the A0 size. A1 - A0 is ideal. You can make the poster of smaller pieces, for your convenience and economy, although a one-piece poster looks better.

    Poster session time: On Thursday, 1st August at the same time as the demo session. The conference site will provide poster walls to which the posters should be fixed before the poster session.

    The walls for presenting posters will stay in Arppeanum, the event venue, for two days and they are located near the conference room, auditorium. So, in addition to the poster session, the posters can be explored during the coffee breaks, for example.

Software Demos

    The demo session at the FSMNLP 2005 will be on Thursday, 1 September, at 18.00 - 20.00 hours and is planned to run as follows:

    1. Each demo group or presenter presents itself/himself/herself shortly (4 minutes per demo presenter/group) at the beginning of the session to everyone. For this, we would like you to prepare a few (1-3) presentation slides, which could be downloaded beforehand to the main computer at the conference room to make the presentation smooth. If these slides can be sent to us (e-mail to the workshop address) before the event, all the better, or they can be downloaded during breaks.
    2. After the short presentations, each demo group can take their places at their own presentation point (personal laptop and some desk space; for those without a personal laptop, two laptops are available). The rest of the session is reserved for free discussions and demo presentations.

    Technical equipment available: (i) a laptop (FujitsuSiemens C1020) with XP and Acrobat 7 and minimally Office 2000 (incl. PowerPoint), (ii) beamer with VGA connection, overhead projector, dia projector, microphone.

Paper Presentations
    Time slots. Regular papers have a 30 minute slot. You should aim to talk for about 20 minutes, leaving 10 minutes for discussion.

    Some general instructions for presenters. Please make sure that your slides are easily readable from the back of a lecture theatre. Do not try to get too much information onto one slide. Do not use more than one slide per minute (one slide can contain several overlays, that OK). There will be Chairpersons for each session. Follow their signs. If they need to signal that the time is over, you are expected to stop almost immediately. Testing. Please check that your presentations is in the right computer and works fine before the sessions.

    The BEST strategy is to take your own laptop with you. Then the slides and viewer program will be ready for you presentation and you depend less on our help.

Photocopying Office
    Where I can find the closest photocopier? We are preparing the answer. Anyway, there are good photocopying facilities in several buildings of Helsinki University. The machines require special "KOPIOKORTTI" card that you can buy from house and library officers. The best facilities are in Alexandria Learning Center (Fabianinkatu 26 -OR- Vuorikatu 7). Open on 31.8. from 8:00 to 18:00 and since 1.9. from 8:00 to 20:00, closed on Saturday. There you can buy the copying card for 10 EUR note from a machine, or for 10,80 EUR from an officer.
AV equipment

    Beamer? The lecture halls have a data projector with a VGA input (we checked in Arppeanum that 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, and 1280 x 1024 display geometries are fine, we suppose the same is true in the Main Building).

    Laptop? For purpose of the presentations, you can bring your own laptop, but we provide also an XP laptop with AcroRead and MS PowerPoint of Office XP. Please keep a copy of the presentation in an USB memory stick, and consider backuping the presentation by sending it as a PDF file to fsmnlp AT ling.helsinki.fi.

    AWL and laptop? The FSMNLP organizers do not provide a laptop to AWL as we have only one, AWL organizers may bring one of their own.

    Furthermore, both the rooms are equipped with overhead and slide projectors. Should you need them, let us know in advance.

    The rooms.

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