Finite-State Methods and
Natural Language Processing 2005

1 - 2 September, 2005,

The Fifth International Workshop
in the Series of Workshops on

Finite-State Methods in Natural Language Processing



Information for Presenters

Please find information on local facilities and important instructions for presenters in the "Local Info" page.

University Main Building (auditorium IV)

Arppeanum (auditorium)

  • Wednesday, 31th August, 12:00 - 18:00, Automata, Words and Logic
  • Thurday 1st August, 08:00 - 20:00, FSMNLP 2005
  • Friday 2nd August: 08:55 - 18:30, FSMNLP 2005
Time Thu 1 Sep
[ARPPEANUM auditorium]
Fri 2 Sep
[ARPPEANUM auditorium]
8:00 Registration  
8:45 Opening  
9:00 Han: Klex: A Finite-State Transducer Lexicon of Korean Petersen: Principles, Implementation Strategies, and Evaluation of a Corpus Query System
9:30 Geyken & Hanneforth:
TAGH: a complete morphology for German based on WFSA
Oflazer & Dincer Erbas & Erdogmus: Using Finite State Technology in a Tool for Linguistic Exploration
10:00 Uí Dhonnchadha: Scaling an Irish FST morphology engine for use on unrestricted text Civera, Vilar, Cubel, Lagarda, Barrachina, Casacuberta and Vidal: A Novel Approach to Computer Assisted Translation based on FSTs
10:30 Biro: Squeezing the Infinite into the Finite Niemi & Carlson: Modelling the Semantics of Calendar Expressions as Extended Regular Expressions
11:00 Coffee (Posters) Coffee (Posters)
11:15 Karttunen: Invited Talk: Fin(n)ish Optimality-Theoretic Prosody
(PowerPoint slides)
Harju: Invited Talk:
Characterizations of Regularity
12:00 Lunch Lunch
12:30 Lunch Lunch
13:00 Hulden: Finite-state syllabification Lakshmanan: Further Results on Syntactic Ambiguity of Internal Contextual Grammars
13:30 Barthelemy: Partitioning Multitape Transducers Nasr & Rambow: Parsing with Lexicalized Probabilistic Recursive Transition Networks
14:00 Yli-Jyrä & Niemi:Pivotal Synchronization Expressions: A Formalism for Alignments in Regular String Relations van Delden & Gomez: Improving Inter-Level Communication in Cascaded Finite-State Partial Parsers
14:30 Cohen-Sygal & Wintner: Finite State Register Automata and Their Uses in Natural languages Padró & Padró: Applying a Finite Automata Acquisition Algorithm to Named Entity Recognition
15:00 Coffee (Posters) Coffee (Posters)
15:30 Anne Schiller: German Compound Analysis with WFSC Volanschi & Nasr: Integrating a POS Tagger and a Chunker Implemented as WFSMs
16:00 Kempe & Champarnaud & Guingne & Nicart: WFSM Auto-Intersection and Join Algorithms Martin Jansche: Algorithms for Minimum Risk Chunking (cancellation of force majour)
Miyata & Hasida: Error-Driven Learning with Bracketing Constraints
16:30 Hanneforth: Longest-Match Pattern Matching with WFSA (see note 2)
17:00 Howard Johnson: Collapsing epsilon-loops in WFSMs Colloquium: Words, Contexts and Constructs
(see note 3)
17:30 Piskorski: On Compact Storage Models for Gazetteers Colloquium
18:00 Demo/poster session Colloquium
18:30 Demo/poster session Colloquium
19:00 Demo/poster session Break
19:30 Demo/poster session Break
20:00 Break Conference Dinner starts

Session Chairs

  • Morphology —Arvi Hurskainen
  • Optimality Theory —Trond Trosterud
  • Some Special FSM Families —Kimmo Koskenniemi
  • Weighted FSM Algorithms —Lauri Karttunen
  • FSM Representations —Pasi Tapanainen
  • Exploration —Lauri Carlson
  • Ordered Structures —Juhani Karhumäki
  • Surface Parsing I —Jussi Piitulainen
  • Surface Parsing II —Atro Voutilainen


(1) The above program is the final.

(2) On the on-site invitation of the organizers, we heard an "encore" from Lauri Karttunen who presented an exciting and entertaining experiment with Finnish numerals.

(3) The program of the colloquium was kept secret until the last minutes. The day ended with the delivery of "Words, Contexts and Constraints", A. Arppe et.al (2005), Festschrift in the honour of Kimmo Koskenniemi on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

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