Finite-State Methods and
Natural Language Processing 2005

1 - 2 September, 2005,

The Fifth International Workshop
in the Series of Workshops on

Finite-State Methods in Natural Language Processing



Versions of the Proceedings

Accepted Papers

  • Takashi Miyata and Koiti Hasida: Error-Driven Learning with Bracketing Constraints
  • Mans Hulden: Finite-state syllabification
  • Kuppusamy Lakshmanan: Further Results on Syntactic Ambiguity of Internal Contextual Grammars
  • Alexis Nasr and Owen Rambow: Parsing with Lexicalized Probabilistic Recursive Transition Networks
  • Sebastian van Delden and Fernando Gomez: Improving Inter-Level Communication in Cascaded Finite-State Partial Parsers
  • Muntsa Padró and Lluís Padró: Applying a Finite Automata Acquisition Algorithm to Named Entity Recognition
  • Jyrki Niemi and Lauri Carlson: Modelling the Semantics of Calendar Expressions as Extended Regular Expressions
  • Kemal Oflazer and Mehmet Dincer Erbas and Muge Erdogmus: Using Finite State Technology in a Tool for Linguistic Exploration
  • Jakub Piskorski: On Compact Storage Models for Gazetteers
  • Anssi Yli-Jyrä and Jyrki Niemi: An Approach to Specification of Regular Relations: Pivotal Synchronization Expressions
  • Ulrik Petersen: Principles, Implementation Strategies, and Evaluation of a Corpus Query System
  • Francois Barthelemy: Partitioning Multitape Transducers
  • Andre Kempe, Jean-Marc Champarnaud, Franck Guingne and Florent Nicart: WFSM Auto-Intersection and Join Algorithms
  • Alexandra Volanschi and Alexis Nasr: Integrating a POS Tagger and a Chunker Implemented as Weighted Finite State Machines
  • Martin Jansche: Algorithms for Minimum Risk Chunking
  • Jorge Civera, Elsa Cubel, Juan Miguel Vilar, Antonio Luis Lagarda and Sergio Barrachina: A Novel Approach to Computer-Assisted Translation based on Finite-State Transducers
  • Anne Schiller: German Compound Analysis with wfsc
  • Thomas Hanneforth: Longest-Match Pattern Matching with Weighted Finite State Automata
  • Howard Johnson: Collapsing epsilon-loops in weighted finite-state machines
  • Yael Cohen-Sygal and Shuly Wintner: Finite State Registered Automata and Their Uses in Natural languages
  • Tamas Biro: Squeezing the Infinite into the Finite
  • Lauri Karttunen: Invited Talk
  • Na-Rae Han: Klex: A Finite-State Transducer Lexicon of Korean
  • Alexander Geyken and Thomas Hanneforth: TAGH: a complete morphology for German based on weighted Finite State Automata
  • Elaine Uí Dhonnchadha: Scaling an Irish FST morphology engine for use on unrestricted text


The papers and abstracts will be included to CD-ROM that will be distributed only to the workshop participants at the time of the event.

Official Proceedings

We have aggreed with Springer on the plans of publishing the postproceedings of FSMNLP 2005 in Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI). LNAI is a subseries of LNCS. LNCS is a highly esteemed and stable publication channel.
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