Instructions for submissions to the FSMNLP 2005 pre-proceedings

Instructions for the offical post-proceedings in LNAI Series are here HERE (now available!).


For the occasion of FSMNLP 2005, a CD pre-proceedings will be produced. This is due to 28 June, 2005. We plan to compile the preproceedings in June before our vacation. Please send the LaTeX sources of the final pre-proceedings version of your contribution to the address After the workshop, that authors are allowed to upgrade their papers until perfection for the publication in the formal proceedings in Springer LNAI/LNCS Series.

How to prepare the proceedings version


By default, your paper has to be in LaTeX format. If you have never used LaTeX, please ask help from your local colleagues first because we may not have time to help. Otherwise, the paper may not be included to the Springer book (Springer may allow some other formats, but not willingly), but we can include the PDF version to the preproceedings CD (it will bot be published by us).

Copyright Transfer

Electronic LaTeX-files manuscripts must be accompanied by a signed, printed copyright form. This is needed because the papers will be published in Springer LNAI series. Please download copyright.pdf, sign it and send it to the address

Use Springer Style

You will have to use Springer styles that are available from here.

Page Limits

The page limit is 12 pages for full papers and 2 pages for poster papers.

Encapsulated PostScript format

The external figures should be preferable in Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format, It is important that EPS figures are produced by a program that makes correct bounding boxes. In UNIX, we have had good experiences with Xfig figures. Also, gpic can be used to create TeX pictures that can be included into LaTeX documents. Avoid using other than the standard PostScript fonts (Helvetica, Symbol, Times, etc.). If you need special scripts or fonts, please convert the symbols to vector graphics. Conversion to EPS is not necessary if you use the standard LaTeX figures \begin{figure} ... \end{figure}. The sample.tex illustrates how to include EPS figures into the articles.


If you are using a non-roman script in the text, please consult a LaTeX specialist who knows the fonts. In this case it may be advisable to use Word and Springers Word template for preparing the final version.

LaTeX packages

The following LaTeX packages may be used: No other LaTeX packages are allowed by the default. We have just heard that Vaucanson-G package could also be used:

User defined commands

All new LaTeX commands defined in the paper should be used somewhere. Please remove the definitions of all unused commands. Please refrain from defining new commands with very short names.


Direct formatting commands, such as \small,\scriptsize, \hspace, \vspace, \baselinestrech may be used only if absolutely necessary. It is prohibited to

Final checking

There should be no overful boxes in the document. Please check the .log file (or the standard error output) created by LaTeX for error messages. It would be also very good if there are no underfull boxes.
[The instructions are borrowed from the instructions for CIAA 2004]