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FinnWordNet: News

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Version 2.0 of FinnWordNet released


Version 2.0 of FinnWordNet data has been released with thousands of new word senses added and hundreds of existing ones corrected. The data is downloadable and in use in the Web search interface. The search interface no longer asks you to rate synonymy of words.

As of version 2.0, FinnWordNet has been extended beyond being a translation of Princeton WordNet by adding new synsets as hyponyms of existing synsets (without glosses and English translations). The new synsets correspond to senses of common Finnish compound words.

The primary data format is now a relational format. See the README file for more information.

FinnWordNet 2.0 contains 120,449 synsets (2,790 more than version 1.1.2), 208,645 word senses (16,845 more), 140,515 unique words (9,251 more) and 244,742 translation relations (14,695 more).

For more information, please see the NEWS file.

Thesaurus and translation dictionary HFST transducers based on FinnWordNet downloadable


The FinnWordNet (and Princeton WordNet) data is used as a basis of HFST finite-state transducers that work as Finnish or English thesauri or Finnish–English or English–Finnish translation dictionaries. The transducers recognize inflected forms of words, and the thesauri have variants generating synonyms in the same inflected form as the input word. The transducers are available for download.

WordNet 3.0 Grind modified for FinnWordNet downloadable


You can now download a modified version of the Princeton WordNet 3.0 Grind program. You need the modified Grind if you modify the FinnWordNet data (lexicographer files) and want to compile the modified data to a WordNet database.

The modified Grind is downloadable as source code. Compiling the program requires a Unix, Linux or similar environment and a C compiler.

Version 1.1.2 of FinnWordNet released, with many corrected translations


A “bug-fix” version 1.1.2 of FinnWordNet data has been released with more than 1800 Finnish translations corrected in over 1000 synsets. The new version is both downloadable and in use in the Web search interface.

The changes in this version include correcting spelling errors, correcting erroneous translations, adding alternative translations and modifying translators’ comments (adding or removing where appropriate). The structure (synsets and relations) of FinnWordNet has not been changed. Some of the corrections are based on the suggestions received from users of FinnWordNet.

FinnWordNet Web search interface suggestion form updated


You can now suggest a correction for, as well as an addition of, a translation, synonym or sense (synset), on the suggestion form of the FinnWordNet Web search interface. The suggestion form opens from the asterisked links of a search result page.

FinnWordNet Web search interface updated


The FinnWordNet Web search interface has been updated. You can now suggest new translations, synonyms and senses for words.

In order to assess and develop the content of FinnWordNet, the search interface asks you to rate the synonymy of a randomly chosen synonym pair in FinnWordNet before the first search. The search interface also allows similar rating of synonymy.

FinnWordNet version 1.1.1 downloadable


The data files of FinnWordNet version 1.1.1 are now downloadable: lists generated from the FinnWordNet data (synonym sets, translations, semantic and lexical relations), WordNet database files and their source, lexicographer files.

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