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Department of Modern Languages
P.O.Box 24 (Unioninkatu 40)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

Phone +358 (09) 1911
Fax +358 (09) 191 28313

PLEASE NOTE: The URLs of FinnWordNet demos and file downloads have changed, and the current URLs are not necessarily final. The demos and file downloads were not available between March and June 2018. Some demos still do not work, and the feedback form is unavailable. We aplogize for the situation. (Updated 2018-07-03.)

FinnWordNet: Project members


Krister Lindén (project leader) (2010–)
Lauri Carlson (2010–)
Ulla Vanhatalo (2010–)

Other members


Hissu Hyvärinen (2010–)
Juha Kuokkala (2012)
Jyrki Niemi (2010–)
Pinja Pennala (2012)


Kristiina Muhonen (2010)
Paula Pääkkö (2010–2011)

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