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FinnWordNet – The Finnish WordNet

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FinnWordNet – the Finnish WordNet is a lexical database for Finnish. It is a part of the FIN-CLARIN project.

FinnWordNet contains words (nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs) grouped by meaning into synonym groups representing concepts. These synonym groups are linked to each other with relations such as hyponymy and antonymy, creating a semantic network.

FinnWordNet can be used in language technology research and applications. It can also be used interactively as an electronic thesaurus.

The first version of FinnWordNet has been created by having the words of the original English (Princeton) WordNet (version 3.0) translated into Finnish by professional translators.

Search interface (demo)

The current version of the FinnWordNet database can be accessed using a search interface.

In order to assess and develop the content of FinnWordNet, the search interface asks the user to rate the synonymy of a randomly chosen synonym pair in FinnWordNet before the first search. The search interface also allows similar rating of synonymy. FinnWordNet is work in progress, and we would be grateful for any feedback.

Download FinnWordNet

On the FinnWordNet download page, you can download the contents of FinnWordNet in the Princeton WordNet database format, as lexicographer files (source format) or as various lists (synonym sets, translations, semantic and lexical relations).

FinnWordNet news

FinnWordNet news page contains news about FinnWordNet content and search interface. The news are also available as an RSS feed. RSS




Krister Lindén (project leader) 2010–
Lauri Carlson 2010–
Ulla Vanhatalo 2010–

Other members

Hissu Hyvärinen 2010–
Kristiina Muhonen 2010–
Jyrki Niemi 2010–
Paula Pääkkö 2010–

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