FinnWordNet: Download files

The FinnWordNet data files can be downloaded in three formats. If you want to compile the database yourself, you need a modified version of the WordNet Grind program. The FinnWordNet (and Priceton WordNet) lexical data is also used as a basis of HFST transducers working as thesauri or bilingual translation dictionaries.

Data files

The FinnWordNet data can be downloaded in three formats as ZIP packages. For more information, please see the README file common to all the packages.

Searching the FinnWordNet data files with the wn search program requires a version patched by Debian.

Modified Grind program

Compiling the FinnWordNet lexicographer files to the WordNet database format requires a modified version of the Princeton WordNet 3.0 Grind program. Since the compiled database is downloadable above, you probably do not need the modified Grind unless you modify the FinnWordNet data (lexicographer files).

The source code of the modified Grind is downloadable as either an independent package or a patch file, which requires the source code of the original WordNet Grind program. In both cases, compiling the program requires a Unix, Linux or similar environment and a C compiler. The README file contains more information about the modified Grind.

HFST thesaurus and translation dictionary transducers based on FinnWordNet

The FinnWordNet (and Princeton WordNet) data is also used in the HFST finite-state transducers that work as Finnish or English thesauri or Finnish–English or English–Finnish translation dictionaries. The transducers recognize inflected forms of words, and the thesauri have variants generating synonyms in the same inflected form as the input word. More information about the transducers is available in the README file.

To use the transducers, you need either the full HFST library and tools (version 3.2.0 or later), the stand-alone HFST optimized lookup (version 1.3 or later) or the Java implementation of the optimized lookup (2011-05-23 or later).